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Improving Customer Experience by improving Safety and Security Planning through Simulation

Lighting, staging, and video production technology used in arena and stadium concert productions are more advanced than ever. Shows utilizing articulating staging, pits, multiple stages, pyrotechnics, and other unique features are now standard. For those responsible for venue safety and security, these complicated setups prompt a new set of questions, such as:

  1. How many people can we safely place in these complex floor areas?
  2. How can we safely move people in and out of these areas?
  3. How do we evacuate these areas?
  4. How do we staff these areas?

TruVenue provides planners with tools to answer these questions. Utilizing “digital twin” technology, the venue is recreated in a simulation environment where ingress, egress, circulation, and evacuation/sheltering can all be evaluated utilizing existing venue protocols and test new protocols before implementation. Then used for training.

TruVenue’s density map output provides insight into where critical density and congestion exists. With this feedback, planners can review strategies to disperse crowding and prevent crowd crush or other accidents where maximum density is exceeded. A complex floor plan impacts how patrons utilize aisles. Testing up/down/bidirectional aisles with simulation is a valuable tool for planners to assess the space’s capacity before thousands of patrons arrive.

The ability to see the future before it happens is a valuable tool for those responsible for coordinating evacuations or sheltering. In an emergency, planners must be able to trust the protocols in place. Typically, planners cannot test an exit strategy at full capacity before an event. But with TruVenue, planners can test their sheltering capacity and timeframes; also evacuation routes for every single event while accounting for their complex layouts, analyze the results, and modify plans to improve evacuation times.

One of the most important parts of planning for safety and security is scaling the security posture and placing staff appropriately to meet the threats, both known and unknown. TruVenue provides the opportunity to place staff, barricades, vehicles, and other objects so planners have a visual reference to aid their decision-making. Based on simulation results, it may be appropriate to adjust staffing levels and their placement. Having this awareness before patrons fill the venue provides another layer of confidence for planners and stakeholders to know that staff will be in the best position to carry out their responsibilities.

While all these questions can be answered from the safety and security planning perspective, they also achieve another important business objective: improve the customer experience. Patrons are not comfortable in overcrowded spaces. Patrons are not comfortable stuck in aisles that do not move. In evacuation/sheltering scenarios, patrons are comfortable when venue staff project poise in executing their duties.

With TruVenue’s digital twin application, achieving safety and security goals and improving the customer experience go hand in hand.

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