Enterprise Dynamics®, the ultimate platform to design and implement simulation solutions

Enterprise Dynamics® is the state-of-the-art simulation software to design and implement simulation solutions. Enterprise Dynamics® is used by world leading companies within different business areas. The software allows problem solvers to model virtually any problem and, by experimentation, find a solution to their problems. Two special versions of the Enterprise Dynamics software are also available. Pedestrian Dynamics® for crowd risk & safety assessment and TOPVenue® for sports spectators safety & security in stadiums and arenas.

Select your Solution to find the best simulation software for your purpose:

Select your Solution to find the best simulation software


INCONTROL offers simulation technology for the modelling of the Baggage Handling Systems, Passenger flows and Safety & Security processes in the airport industry.

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Industry & Logistics

The use of a strong simulation software is especially suitable within Industry & Logistics; daily challenges as decisions for or against investments e. g.

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Crowd management

Pedestrian Dynamics® is a comprehensive crowd simulation software application. It is designed for the creation and execution of large pedestrian simulation models in complex infrastructures.

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Education & research

INCONTROL offers affordable Enterprise Dynamics® Student licenses to support students to do all their course work at home and to support them during an internship or graduation. Enterprise Dynamics® is a professional simulation tool to model any complex logistic, production or service system and it is easy to learn. Experienced INCONTROL simulation engineers, as well as the Enterprise Dynamics® Community, will support in all simulation related questionings and enable the user to quickly become a simulation professional.

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