InControl Enterprise Dynamics

InControl Enterprise Dynamics is a global manufacturer of analysis and control simulation software for the safety and sustainability of critical infrastructures.

By mirroring the flow of people and goods through critical infrastructures, we help our clients and partners to keep their customers, employees, and environment Safe and Sustainable.

Improve your business with InControl’s simulation software platform and expertise, enabling you to: 

Improve Decision Processes

Transfer accessed data into predictive and reliable analytics to understand complex infrastructures. Share results and insights of complex and unpredictable settings to your stakeholders, partners and clients.

Cope with challenges

Related to time, costs, resources, productivity, reliability, safety and sustainability.

Avoid risks

Simulation Software enables you to evaluate your potential and/or future resource investments.

Optimize business processes

Streamline and integrate processes contributing to one time right deployment reducing time, effort and costs.

Design, Built, Test and Maintenance

Gather, model, simulate, analyse data and present relevant information


Provide relevant information, graphs, dashboards, insights and scenario’s.

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Our simulation solutions are implemented at leading companies worldwide in multiple industries. 

Clients use our Simulation Software Platform to simulate large-scale logistic systems and infrastructures such as baggage handling systems, container terminals, train stations, assembly lines, football stadiums, and arenas.

The following six themes reveal in what industries our Simulation Software Platform and applications are implemented:

Simulation Supporting Total Airport Management
InControl’s Simulation Software can contribute to
the challenges that arise on Strategic, Tactical and Operational level in the aviation industry
header railway simulation
Experience the future of Rail Transport
Simulation software is a key tool to perform analysis for the punctuality and robustness of the Railway
infrastructure and contributes to the safety, sustainability and passenger experience of Rail Transport

Simulation Excursion of The Netherlands Defense Academy, NLDA

Simulation Workshop and Presentation of The Netherlands Defense Academy, NLDA For over 30 years, InControl has been working in close cooperation with many leading global
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smart warehousing

Simulation Software contributes to the warehouse of the future

Simulation Software contributes to the warehouse of the future Warehouses and distribution centers are facing major challenges. During the pandemic, consumer demands increased exponentially, consumers
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