Improve your business with InControl’s software and expertise, contributing to your …


Decision Processes

sharing results and insights of complex and unpredictable settings to you, your stakeholders, partners and clients

Design, Built, Test and Maintenance

gather, model, simulate, analyse data and present relevant information

Optimize Your Business Processes

streamline and integrate processes contributing to one time right deployment reducing time, effort and costs


Safety and Security

impact analyses, advise, improvement, train personnel, procedures including involvement of blue light services compliancy of your company policy and legislation

Big News!

We are very excited to launch our New Branding and Logo today! With the refreshment of our brand identity, we show the evolution of our company. While this is a significant change, our core values haven’t changed. For over 30 years, InControl is a worldwide leading...

 Pedestrian Dynamics

Pedestrian Dynamics ® is a state of the art simulation environment designed to model any kind of pedestrian infrastructure or environment in which the performance, safety, and security can be analyzed and optimized. It is easy to use and allows rapid model building importing any type of input data quickly into 2D, 3D and VR virtual environments.

How Pedestrian Dynamics can serve your industry

 Enterprise Dynamics

Enterprise Dynamics® is the leading simulation software platform to assist and support in the modeling and analyzing of virtually any problem. Enterprise Dynamics allows you to find answers and insight without physically investing in the solution. A good simulation software platform does not only provide fast modeling capabilities and good visualization features, but it also provides the possibilities for the re-use of previously made models, segments of models and components.

How Enterprise Dynamics can serve your industry