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Discover our Digital Twin Simulation Software and create a virtual representation of complex infrastructures and processes to make data-driven decisions and optimize your business.

InControl – Digital Twin Simulation Software


Established in 1989, InControl Enterprise Dynamics is a global simulation software company offering Digital Twin software solutions for Material Handling and logistics, Manufacturing, Transportation, Leisure Venues, and Metropolitan Areas. We add value to your decision-making process, operational monitoring & control, and performance optimization. Our software solutions play a vital role during all project phases, from system design to implementation and operations.  

Improve your business with InControl’s Digital Twin Software platform and expertise, enabling you to: 

Improve Decision Processes

Transfer data into predictive and reliable analytics to understand complex infrastructures. Share results and insights with all stakeholders

Cope with challenges

Related to time, costs, resources, productivity, reliability, safety and sustainability.

Avoid risks

Simulation Software enables you to evaluate your potential and/or future resource investments.

Optimize business processes

Streamline and integrate processes contributing to one time right deployment reducing time, effort and costs.

Design, Built, Test & Maintenance

Gather, model, simulate, analyse data and present relevant information


Provide relevant information, graphs, dashboards, insights and scenario’s.

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Discover our Domains

Across various industries, businesses, organizations, universities, and research and development institutes rely on our software to gain valuable insights into their operations, make informed data-driven decisions, and enhance overall performance.

Software implementations

Simulation Supporting Total Airport Management
InControl’s Simulation Software can contribute to
the challenges that arise on Strategic, Tactical and Operational level in the aviation industry
Leading Digital Twin Software for Material Handling & Logistics
Our Digital Twin software empowers organizations to replicate their operations and conduct
experiments to explore optimization possibilities and the integration of new technologies.
header railway simulation
Experience the future of Rail Transport
Simulation software is a key tool to perform analysis for the punctuality and robustness of the Railway
infrastructure and contributes to the safety, sustainability and passenger experience of Rail Transport
Soccer fans celebrate their team victory. People watching sport match standing and clapping.
Enhancing Fan Engagement and Venue Performance
Optimizing sports and entertainment venues/events presents various challenges, including designing the building,
constructing (infrastructure), and addressing operational issues such as pedestrian and traffic flows.

Pedestrian Dynamics 4.4 Now Available

Pedestrian Dynamics® 4.4 Now Available! As a global software company delivering Digital Twin Software, InControl Enterprise Dynamics is dedicated to advancing software development to meet
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InControl achieves ISO 9001 Certification

InControl achieves ISO 9001 Certification We are excited to announce that InControl Enterprise Dynamics has been officially awarded the ISO 9001 certification. This milestone showcases
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