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Simulation as a tool for Saving Lives when minutes matter

According to the National Institute of Health, more than 1,700 lives are saved each year in the United States thanks to bystanders using an AED. The NIH also estimates that almost 3,500 additional lives could be saved if AEDs were more accessible in public places. When emergencies occur, minutes matter.

All operators strategically place AEDs and other lifesaving first-aid resources around their venues. But when minutes matter, does every staff member know where these resources are located? Do they know the most direct route to an aid station or designated shelter location? TruVenue’s digital twin application can help save lives in these critical moments.

TruVenue’s 2D and 3D mapping tools allow the placement of objects in the model to identify where first-aid kits, aid stations, ambulances, and fire water connections are located. Simulations can be run to distinguish which resources are closest to a particular staffing position or seating area. This practical approach to training ensures that staff are well-prepared and confident when emergencies arise.

TruVenue’s digital twin application is not just for training venue staff. In the case of a mass casualty event, contracted emergency service agencies can also benefit. They will have an accurate stock of available resources throughout the venue, enabling them to respond more effectively and potentially save more lives.

In the case of a bombing, active shooter, or violent demonstration, the combination of available medical services, and evacuation routes may come into play simultaneously. To ensure planners are prepared for any possible scenario, it is possible to digitally rehearse the method of evacuating patrons and bringing medical and law enforcement services into the venue.

Most outdoor amphitheaters and venues with temporary structures like race tracks and golf courses cannot usually accommodate International Code Council standards relating to sheltering from severe weather. This is where simulation can play a pivotal role by guaranteeing that sheltering capacities and times are suitable for getting patrons to hardened structures before severe weather arrives.

With TruVenue’s digital twin application, rehearsing emergencies through simulation can help save lives when real emergencies happen.

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