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For students

The InControl Software

InControl offers affordable Student licenses to support students to do all their course work at home and to support them during an internship or graduation. To get started with simulation, students can download a free 120-day Student Starter License. This license is limited in model size but sufficient for basic course work. 

For students with more challenging simulation projects, for example a graduation project. An affordable 1-year Student Pro license of our Supply Chain or Crowd Management software is available. Do hesitate to contact us to discuss the possibilities to obtain a student Pro license.

What we offer students

Easy access to our software in all phases of their studies with free of charge started licenses to support students.

  • Video tutorials, written tutorials, and example models
  • A community forum
  • Internships at our company or at partnering companies: simulation engineering, organization, marketing
  • Student support
  • Student competition, InControl sponsors the student competition for discrete event simulation in production and logistics of the ASIM. The ASIM is the association for simulation in Germany.

Supply Chain Simulation

Our Supply Chain Software – Enterprise Dynamics – is the leading simulation software platform to assist and support in modelling and analyzing virtually any problem. The software allows you to find answers and insight without physically investing in the solution.

Crowd Management Simulation

Our Crowd Management Software – Pedestrian Dynamics – enables you to model any kind of pedestrian infrastructure or environment and contributes to the customer experience, (cost) efficiency, innovation, safety and security of your event.

Get inspired by other students

Simulation projects are ideal. They are fun but challenging and will prepare you for your professional career. InControl supports you with your internship or graduation project.

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