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Simulation as a Tool to Improve Training 

Staff turnover is a constant concern in the modern workforce. The safety and security industry experiences an extraordinarily high turnover rate for various reasons. While management and staff directly employed by a venue may be more stable, a US Bureau of Labor Statistics study (2020, pre-COVID) estimated the turnover rate for 3rd party contracted security companies to be close to 100%. This means a constantly rotating cast of individuals supporting the safety and security operations for multi-million-dollar events. TruVenue is a tool that helps security managers train their in-house and contracted staff for various scenarios.

It is critical that all employees understand emergency protocols and procedures. Through modeling and simulation, TruVenue provides a visual aid for leaders to rehearse scenarios with their staff. This visual tool is especially helpful for contracted security partners who may not be as familiar with the venue. TruVenue contains a drag-and-drop feature to place staff directly into the model to help visualize precisely where staff should be positioned.

For law enforcement and first responders, TruVenue is more than just a training tool. It’s a potential lifesaver. In emergency situations, every minute counts. TruVenue’s ability to identify the closest stairwell, aid station, fire extinguisher, or AED from any point within the model can be the difference between life and death. Its customizable variables and scenarios also enhance multi-agency training, improving interoperability and response effectiveness. It can add reality to table top exercises, putting the teams into the scenario.

TruVenue’s practicality extends beyond security. It also serves as a valuable training tool for housekeeping, catering, and merchandising employees. In larger venues, supplies are often stored in centralized spaces dispersed throughout the building. TruVenue’s ability to map out the venue and provide real-time information on the closest repository of supplies significantly improves operational efficiency, saving time and effort for these roles.

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Improving Customer Experience by improving Safety and Security Planning

With TruVenue’s digital twin application, achieving safety and security goals and improving the customer experience go hand in hand. 

Simulation as a tool for Saving Lives when minutes matter

Minutes matter when emergencies arise. Rehearsing scenarios and aid placement through simulation can help save lives.

Simulation as a tool for Commercialization

With TruVenue’s digital twin application, data-driven analytics aid in identifying opportunities for commercialization and revenue generation.

Simulation as a tool for optimizing Concessions and Merchandising

Cutting-edge modeling and simulation can help improve customer satisfaction and increase concessions and merchandise sales

Improving Parking Programming through Simulation

Help develop safe dynamic parking strategies that enhance the customer experience and maximize profit potential.

Rethinking Data as a Tool for Safety & Security

As data continues to change the way businesses operate, TruVenue allows event planners to leverage that information as a tool to advance safety, security and the fan experience.

Simulation as a Tool for Venue Design & Layout Planning

Simulation backed up by data-driven science: Eliminate guesswork and maximize safety and security without sacrificing revenue generation.