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Rethinking Data as a Tool for Safety & Security

Data is a buzzword in today’s world, revolutionizing every industry, including event safety, security and enhancing the fan experience. Venue operators have a wealth of data streams that, if incorporated, can take safety and security planning to a new level. TruVenue, with its innovative data-driven approach to simulation, is at the forefront of this transformation, enhancing safety and elevating the customer experience.

By harnessing historical ticket sales and entry scan data, event planners can accurately predict future arrival patterns. This includes cataloging variables such as time, age/gender demographic profiles, and event type, all of which are invaluable for security planners. TruVenue’s use of this data to simulate the customer experience provides a tangible and reliable tool for planners to evaluate their staffing plan at entry points and adjust other screening resources accordingly.

Historical point-of-sale data can give insight into potential congestion points. Permanent stands and temporary kiosks both have the potential to cause chaos and confusion on a concourse. TruVenue uses modeling and simulation to measure their impact on congestion. Changing the placement of a portable ice cream stand by as little as 10 feet could have a major impact on the flow of a concourse. Simply changing the design of the queue for concert merchandise could improve safety while generating more revenue. Regarding food and beverage sales, according to a study by Oracle (2022), 45% of patrons said they have given up making a purchase due to long lines. Incorporating point-of-sale data into simulation is a great way to deconflict activation and circulation.

CCTV is a critical component of every venue’s safety and security program. As camera technology advances, the catalog of data they provide continues to expand. TruVenue can map CCTV systems to help validate coverage and provide point-of-view potential before costly installation of new devices.

As data continues to change the way businesses operate, TruVenue allows event planners to leverage that information as a tool to advance safety and security. TruVenue can take real-time data feeds and present through our digital twin visualization of the event to see the positions and movement of attendees and staff.

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Improving Customer Experience by improving Safety and Security Planning

With TruVenue’s digital twin application, achieving safety and security goals and improving the customer experience go hand in hand. 

Simulation as a tool for Saving Lives when minutes matter

Minutes matter when emergencies arise. Rehearsing scenarios and aid placement through simulation can help save lives.

Simulation as a tool for Commercialization

With TruVenue’s digital twin application, data-driven analytics aid in identifying opportunities for commercialization and revenue generation.

Simulation as a tool for optimizing Concessions and Merchandising

Cutting-edge modeling and simulation can help improve customer satisfaction and increase concessions and merchandise sales

Improving Parking Programming through Simulation

Help develop safe dynamic parking strategies that enhance the customer experience and maximize profit potential.

Simulation as a Tool for Training

The ability to model and simulate scenarios in provides management with a powerful tool for training in-house staff and improves interoperability with external partners.

Simulation as a Tool for Venue Design & Layout Planning

Simulation backed up by data-driven science: Eliminate guesswork and maximize safety and security without sacrificing revenue generation.