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Simulation for Education

Discover the InControl Educational program – SimuTeach

Designed to empower educators and seamlessly integrate Simulation Models and Digital Twins into the classroom.

SimuTeach – Powerful digital twin Simulation software for education

At InControl, we recognize the challenges teachers face in incorporating simulation into their courses. SimuTeach addresses these challenges, providing all teaching materials to quickly build your simulation course. You find what you need to convey complex simulation concepts effectively and engage your students with hands-on learning experiences through diverse case studies, fostering competence in simulation projects of varying complexities.

We offer our educational program for discrete-event simulation and agent-based simulation.

Discrete-event simulation is taught to students in a wide range of subjects. Our numerous examples include:

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Industrial engineering
  • Business and operational research
  • Computer science
  • Applied mathematics
  • Economics and management
Agent-based simulation can be applied in a wide variety of disciplines. Our numerous examples include:
  • Event logistics
  • Crowd Safety and Risk Analysis
  • Transportation (vehicles, bicycles, trains & ships) and logistics
  • Fire Safety engineering
  • Architecture and urban planning
  • Naval architecture

Why SimuTeach?

What we offer:
  • Affordable Software Licenses: Powerful simulation software for your classroom or institute
  • Online Teacher Platform: SimuTeach offers a dedicated online platform with real-world case studies and continuous support.
  • Comprehensive Teaching Materials: Simulation cases, Tutorials, adaptable case studies, videos, and PowerPoint slides in Microsoft Office format are included.
  • Teacher Training: We offer Teacher Training and more advanced training courses to quickly master the many possibilities of our software. 
  • Guest Lectures: To introduce students to simulation and real-world projects
Sample Case: The Production Line

Explore our teaching materials and download the Sample Case to get a glimpse of what we offer.

Educational Program Components

InControl Software in the Classroom

InControl’s Digital Twin Software serves as a powerful tool in the classroom, allowing students to apply basic and advanced simulation techniques in diverse environments. Conveying the principles of system dynamics in manufacturing, material handling, logistics, and crowd management.

Key features:

  • User-Friendly Platform: Easy drag-and-drop functionality for building production lines, warehouses, or supply chains.
  • Visualization: 2D and 3D visualization of relevant performance metrics.
  • Scenario Analysis: “What-if” analyses to assess the impact of changes in system design, resource allocation, or operational policies.
Benefits for Teachers
  • Time Efficiency:
    Streamlined class preparation with ready-to-use tutorials and case studies.
  • Professional Development:
    Attend InControl Seminars on Simulation & Education.
  • Training Courses: Teacher training and advanced courses for mastering software possibilities. 
    For more information, visit our Training Program page
  • Ongoing Support:
    Free software updates and dedicated technical support.
Benefits for Students
  • Accessible Learning:
    Easy home-use access with the Student Starter Software License.
  • Hands-On Experience:
    Work with globally recognized simulation software.
  • Efficient Learning:
    Accelerate learning with user-friendly tutorials and programs.
  • Community Engagement:
    Active participation in the community forum with support from experienced Simulation Engineers.
  • Internship Opportunities:
    Explore internships with InControl or partnering companies.

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Elevate your teaching experience with SimuTeach and connect the Educational, Governmental, and Commercial worlds.

Join us in preparing students for a future where innovation meets education.