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Enhancing Fan Engagement based on Digital Twin Technology

The success of a sports/entertainment enterprise event/venue can be measured by fan engagement, team/entertainer performance, revenue generation and a level of optimization of the venue that hosts the events. The challenges that come with optimization of venues vary from the design of the building construction/ management (infrastructure) to operational issues such as pedestrian, traffic, parking, transportation and logistics flows in and around the venue. Also, continuous balancing of the event, safety/security rules. Spectator experience, financial and commercial goals of the venue/event is a complex process which requires insights based on thorough pre-event analysis.s

InControl recognized the importance of having a non-technical userfriendly interface for venue/event staff to use on a daily basis, (as we learned that one-off modeling is of limited value). Thus TruVenue was developed as a powerful tool for venue/event managers to operate safe and successful events!

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Improving Customer Experience by improving Safety and Security Planning

With TruVenue’s digital twin application, achieving safety and security goals and improving the customer experience go hand in hand. 

Simulation as a tool for Saving Lives when minutes matter

Minutes matter when emergencies arise. Rehearsing scenarios and aid placement through simulation can help save lives.

Simulation as a tool for Commercialization

With TruVenue’s digital twin application, data-driven analytics aid in identifying opportunities for commercialization and revenue generation.

Simulation as a tool for optimizing Concessions and Merchandising

Cutting-edge modeling and simulation can help improve customer satisfaction and increase concessions and merchandise sales

Improving Parking Programming through Simulation

Help develop safe dynamic parking strategies that enhance the customer experience and maximize profit potential.

Rethinking Data as a Tool for Safety & Security

As data continues to change the way businesses operate, TruVenue allows event planners to leverage that information as a tool to advance safety, security and the fan experience.

Simulation as a Tool for Training

The ability to model and simulate scenarios in provides management with a powerful tool for training in-house staff and improves interoperability with external partners.

Simulation as a Tool for Venue Design & Layout Planning

Simulation backed up by data-driven science: Eliminate guesswork and maximize safety and security without sacrificing revenue generation.

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Discover the potential of our application for your sports or entertainment event. Contact us to learn more about how the application can revolutionize your event management process and elevate fan experiences. Unlock the power of digital twin technology with InControl.

Hear from our customers

“Using the InControl‚Äôs simulation software was an intricate part of our Safety Act Certification preparation and application, by demonstrating our ability to develop effective safety/security plans.‚ÄĚ

Richard Fenton
CSSP, Vice President, Corporate Security and Safety, Ilitch Holdings Inc.

“These models clearly assisted us in determining safe capacities, clear planning and training.”

Scott Paul
Former Vice President, Stadium Operations, Carolina Panthers

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that InControl‚Äôs simulation model and the advice from CrowdProfessionals led to the visual realization of what was needed to be improved. It was, in my opinion, a crucial piece of evidence which led to the required operational change. InControl and CrowdProfessionals can take great pride in the pivotal role that they played in helping to achieve this success.‚ÄĚ

Stephen Neill
Safety Advisor at UEFA

Golden Eagle Award ’24

TruVenue Sports & Entertainment Application