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Improving Parking Programming through Simulation

Over the last 25 years, there has been a shift toward building sporting venues in city centers instead of spacious suburban locations. Many of these new developments emphasize the stadium as the center of a mixed-use district with a combination of retail, residential, and entertainment amenities. A patron’s parking experience sets the early tone for their customer experience. Having an effective, data-driven parking program enhances customer satisfaction and maximizes profit potential.

As developments become more complex, balancing the priorities of all stakeholders while addressing parking needs is becoming more challenging. From preliminary design to routine operation, TruVenue has tools to aid in all phases of the parking process.

Prioritizing data from traffic analysis allows TruVenue to give designers insight into how the public would interact with a parking facility before it is built. Simulating traffic flow in and out of an arena district before hundreds of millions of dollars are spent can give all stakeholders confidence that their parking needs will be met and validate the viability of commercial spaces that rely on pedestrian traffic. It also serves to deconflict traffic and pedestrian flows.

From the operational standpoint, TruVenue can function as a dynamic pricing strategy aid, integrating real-time parking data to identify how vehicles approach the venue and deconflict points of congestion. Testing the impact of opening or closing entry/exit points or adjusting lanes for vehicular traffic provides the ability to see the future before it happens, improving the customer experience and maximizing profit potential.

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Improving Customer Experience by improving Safety and Security Planning

With TruVenue’s digital twin application, achieving safety and security goals and improving the customer experience go hand in hand. 

Simulation as a tool for Saving Lives when minutes matter

Minutes matter when emergencies arise. Rehearsing scenarios and aid placement through simulation can help save lives.

Simulation as a tool for Commercialization

With TruVenue’s digital twin application, data-driven analytics aid in identifying opportunities for commercialization and revenue generation.

Simulation as a tool for optimizing Concessions and Merchandising

Cutting-edge modeling and simulation can help improve customer satisfaction and increase concessions and merchandise sales

Rethinking Data as a Tool for Safety & Security

As data continues to change the way businesses operate, TruVenue allows event planners to leverage that information as a tool to advance safety, security and the fan experience.

Simulation as a Tool for Training

The ability to model and simulate scenarios in provides management with a powerful tool for training in-house staff and improves interoperability with external partners.

Simulation as a Tool for Venue Design & Layout Planning

Simulation backed up by data-driven science: Eliminate guesswork and maximize safety and security without sacrificing revenue generation.