Transforming Manufacturing through Data: The Digital Factory of the Future Project (DFOF)

Transforming Manufacturing through Data: The Digital Factory of the Future Project

InControl is proud to contribute to the Digital Factory of the Future (DFoF) project. The project aims to provide insights and proof that implementation improvements within the factory can be obtained by using data-driven initiatives. It is conducted in a consortium of multiple companies e.g., KMWE, IJssel, De Cromvoirtse, Omron, Neways; academic institutes TU/e and Fontys, and research institutions e.g., TNO.

In the ever-evolving landscape of manufacturing, the Digital Factory of the Future (DFoF) project emerges as an innovative initiative aimed at transforming traditional production processes through the power of data. At the heart of the DFoF project lies a visionary blueprint that holds the potential to reshape data storage, utilized, and shared within manufacturing ecosystems.

To showcase the potential for companies, the Multi-Agent System (MAS) in combination with the use of the International Data Space (IDS) is demonstrated, tested, and visualized in a simulation environment. InControl sponsors this research and will train and support a master’s and bachelor’s thesis student, a PhD, and researchers of Fontys to build the simulation in Enterprise DynamicsÂŽ, InControl’s software for Digital Twins.

The project
The Digital Factory of the Future (DFoF) project aims to create a blueprint Digital Twin, including the building blocks necessary to better store and utilize data.

This data can be used to implement improvements within the factory, ranging from the production processes to the entire planning of the supply chain. The goal of the blueprint Digital Twin is also to use and create open standards in order to share data within and between companies. Examples of these open standards are the “Smart Connected Supplier Network” (SCSN), Asset Administration Shells (AAS), and the International Data Space (IDS).

The basis for this digitization of data is a digital copy of the factory where (inter)activity of processes, goods, machines, inventory, and people can accurately be captured and tested. InControl is an expert leader in providing specialist software for building and storing such Digital Twins of factories.

An important aspect of the project is also to showcase to (potential) companies how new data-driven initiatives can help to improve various KPIs throughout their companies, for example, through the connection of data and simulations in order to increase the flexibility of production systems.

An example of this is through the use of a MAS, where, through the use of collected data from the shop floor, agents autonomously learn from their environment in order to improve the production planning and scheduling process, as well as control assets on the shop floor. Results from this project have already showed to be promising. In order to showcase the potential for companies, a state-of-the-art Digital Twin (simulation and visualization) that utilizes the proposed MAS planning and control solution of a (real) shop floor is required. Enterprise DynamicsÂŽ, InControl’s software is ideal to build such a Digital Twin.

A Digital Twin has multiple benefits:

Analyzing the implementation of various “what-if” scenarios (i.o.w. experiment within the shop floor without the need to implement them in real life)

Increasing efficiency and productivity by simulating new planning approaches, highlighting possible inefficiencies

Showing the real-time situation of the shop floor, providing an enhanced way of giving feedback on the status of the shop floor.

Overall, the proposed solution can help companies to understand the importance of digitalization of a factory or operational plant and to make clear what benefits such a Digital Twin is able to bring.

InControl supports the students and researchers during this thesis project by providing its leading software for the creation of a digital factory. In addition, InControl actively will train, guide, and support the students in building a reliable digital twin model of the DFoF. The results of the research project will be presented beginning next year.

InControl is a trusted and pro-active partner in many joint research projects that InControl also sponsors or invests in. InControl contributes to academia with free software licenses to use its leading simulation software. In addition, we support students and professors with guest lectures, ready-to-go student assignments, training & support on the use of our software, and our years of experience building and running simulations.

Contact dr. Nienke Valkhoff at if you need a solid Digital Twin for research, teaching, or thesis.

To design, integrate and operationalize Digital Twins into your organization, please contact Frank van Poeteren (CCO) at

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Pedestrian Dynamics 4.4 Now Available

Pedestrian DynamicsÂŽ 4.4 Now Available!

As a global software company delivering Digital Twin Software, InControl Enterprise Dynamics is dedicated to advancing software development to meet the needs of our users and Business Partners. We are excited to introduce the latest release of our Crowd Management Software, Pedestrian DynamicsÂŽ 4.4.

Pedestrian DynamicsÂŽ is a sophisticated and user-friendly software application crafted for creating and executing large crowd simulation models within complex infrastructures. Whether you are in the (pre-)

design phase or managing day-to-day operations, Pedestrian DynamicsÂŽ provides a comprehensive solution to assess the performance, safety, and sustainability of your city, (sport)venue, and (public)transportation throughout its life cycle.

The release of Pedestrian Dynamics® 4.4, represents a step forward in user experience and functionality. Our team of developers worked hard to enhance the software based on real-world needs, collaborating closely with our valued users and Business Partners. We would like to thank all our Customers and Business Partners for helping us improve our software in the past, today, and in the future! 

Key Features of Pedestrian DynamicsÂŽ 4.4:
  • Enhanced User-Friendliness:
    We’ve improved the Movie Creator and introduced new drawing tools, ensuring an even more intuitive and streamlined user interaction.
  • Expanded Functionality:
    Pedestrian DynamicsÂŽ 4.4 now supports the import and export of user functions, providing users with enhanced flexibility and interoperability, thus empowering you to work seamlessly.
  • Visual Clarity:
    We have updated the default colors for Frequency and Time above density map graphs, simplifying the differentiation between various graph types and enhancing visual clarity.
  • Optimized Performance:
    The software’s performance has been optimized, facilitating seamless collaboration with other software and overall efficiency improvements.

For more in-depth information on the new features and additional improvements, please refer to the release highlights document. 

Your Feedback Matters!

We encourage you to share your ideas on how we can elevate Pedestrian Dynamics® further. Your insights are highly valued and appreciated as we strive to continually enhance the software to meet our customers’ needs.

Interested in exploring the full potential of our Crowd Management software Pedestrian DynamicsÂŽ? Curious about the potential for a specific application to monitor the flow of passengers, visitors, or commuters, specifically designed for your organization? free to contact us or try our software free of charge.

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InControl achieves ISO 9001 Certification

InControl achieves ISO 9001 Certification

We are excited to announce that InControl Enterprise Dynamics has been officially awarded the ISO 9001 certification. This milestone showcases our commitment to quality and continuous improvement.

Why ISO certification?

The ISO 9001 certification signifies our commitment to consistently delivering products and services that meet and exceed customer expectations. This is now officially recognized by TÜV Nord, a globally recognized ISO-certification company. It underscores our commitment to the quality of our digital twin software and services; setting a high standard of professionalism; and laying a strong foundation for future growth.

Feedback TÜV NORD Nederland:

On top of the recognition, InControl received positive feedback from the Lead Auditor:

“What made this audit interesting was the combination of technology and its impact on the safety and sustainability of logistical processes and movements of people. It was inspiring to see how customers use the software to gain efficiency but also reducing risks and enabling a safer environment for people.

I was explained how the software simulates various scenarios, ranging from logistical processes in distribution centers to the planning of public transportation and major events. The employees I spoke were very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. They were passionate about the impact their product has on improving the safety and sustainability of crucial infrastructures.

Furthermore, they were open and willing to share their knowledge. During the demonstration, they patiently explained how the software works, how it simulates different scenarios, and how it can help companies identify and manage potential risks. The team’s openness to share insights and collaborate on continuous improvements made the audit not only informative but also enjoyable.

 All in all, this resulted in a positive assessment. A good start has been made, and now the challenge is to sustain it. An effective management system is flexible to adapt changing needs and settings while maintaining consistency and quality in all aspects of business operations. I look forward to the next audit for continuous improvement.”

–  Quote of Stacey Martodikromo, Lead Auditor, TÜV Nederland  –

To our current and future customers, this quality stamp forms an objective “proof of confidence” in our work. In addition, it expands our market as we can now serve customers that demand ISO certification.  

At InControl, we believe that quality is the cornerstone of the satisfaction of customers and business partners. This certification is an official and external confirmation of our operational excellence, which is based on a robust quality management system.

We would like to express our appreciation to our team for their professionalism and dedication demonstrated throughout the certification process. Last but not least, we want to thank our customers and business partners for their continued trust and collaboration and look forward to working with you even more.

Marcia Konings of TÜV NORD Nederland officially presents the ISO 9001 Certificate.


The International Organization for Standardization, is a globally recognized organization that develops and publishes international standards. ISO 9001 specifically concerns quality management systems, setting criteria for organizations to demonstrate their commitment to delivering high-quality products and services.

TÜV NORD Nederland

TÜV NORD is a technical and business service provider specializing in independent assessments such as the certification process of ISO 9001. Since 1981, they have been promoting safety, quality, reliability, and environmental well-being for organizations, government, and society.

Enterprise Dynamics 10.6 Now Available

Enterprise DynamicsÂŽ 10.6 Now Available!

We are excited to announce the latest release of our Digital Twin simulation software, Enterprise DynamicsÂŽ 10.6.

Enterprise DynamicsÂŽ is the leading simulation software for material handling, logistics, warehousing, and manufacturing. It plays a vital role across all project phases, from design to implementation and operations.

With Enterprise DynamicsÂŽ, you gain valuable insights to facilitate well-informed decisions. It enables you to construct business cases based on your organization’s real data. Utilize its 3-D visualization capabilities to enhance systems, demonstrate the impact of various scenarios, and convey decisions in a comprehensible manner. Our software is equipped to help you address a wide range of challenges effectively.

In this latest release, our developers have worked hard to introduce new technical features and enhance user-friendliness. These improvements streamline your workflow, enabling quicker model creation.

Key Highlights Include:
  • Introducing Function Editor Atom
    Export and Import Functions. Easily transfer functions between models, saving time and improving collaboration.
  • Improved Product table availability
    Now, with updated conveyor functionality using data containers, you can store  essential information on the product table, no longer restricted by conveyor behavior.
  • Improved User Event Code Handling:
    We’ve enhanced the system to check and restore the User Event code on reset. Error-free code is restored as intended, while any errors are displayed for easy debugging.
  • Node Atom Enhancements:
    Customize travel distances for each node, improving clarity and flexibility in network setup. Easily switch between user-defined and physical distances for a better user experience.

For a comprehensive overview of the Enterprise DynamicsÂŽ 10.6 release features, download the release highlights document.

Curious about the capabilities of Enterprise DynamicsÂŽ and how it can benefit your company and customers? Feel free to contact us or try our software free of charge.

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InControl Enterprise Dynamics appoints new CEO for EMEA

InControl Enterprise Dynamics appoints new CEO for EMEA.

Woerden, January 31st 

Louis Schijve, the founder and owner of InControl Enterprise Dynamics, is stepping down as CEO of the company after a period of 34 years. The board of directors is pleased to announce the appointment of Geert-Jan van Nunen as the new CEO for the EMEA region. Geert-Jan is a seasoned manager with a proven track record of implementation and growth of software and platform technologies in the telecom and automotive industries.

Before joining InControl, Geert-Jan held various management positions. Understanding technology to accelerate business growth has been central to his career. Experienced with IoT, AI, platform technology, and integrated software systems. Previously he grew businesses from scratch to multimillion revenues. In his most recent role, he was responsible for the growth of a German AI technology scale-up.

geert-jan van nunen

Geert-Jan van Nunen. CEO InControl Enterprise Dynamics EMEA region.

His mission is growing InControl as a partner of choice for customers that use digital simulation and digital twins as tools to better plan and operate their core processes; and to establish InControl as the leading emulation and simulation software provider for large-scale and complex operations.

“We are happy to have Geert-Jan van Nunen as the new CEO for EMEA. He is a proven leader with the vision and experience to expand on the success that InControl has been building over the past 34 years and take the company into its next phase of growth and innovation.”

 –  Louis Schijve, Founder and Chairman of the board of directors  – 

About InControl Enterprise Dynamics

InControl Enterprise Dynamics is a global software company that provides simulation software and services for the safety and sustainability of critical infrastructures such as warehouses, manufacturing plants, logistics, airports, railroads, border control, public events, etc. By accurately simulating the flow of people and goods we enable our clients to better plan and optimize their core business processes making their business more efficient, robust, and safer. InControl’s Simulation Platform delivers customers essential insights to continuously improve and optimize complex infrastructures and physical business processes.

Find more information about our software here.

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Software tool for development and planning of logistic nodes

Software tool for development and planning of logistic nodes So far layout planning and logistics simulation have been used separately for the development and planning
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20th edition of ASIM dedicated conference “Simulation in Production and Logistics”

20th edition of ASIM dedicated conference “Simulation in Production and Logistics"

Every two years, the largest European Simulation conference for production and logistics is organized by ASIM (the Association Simulation in German-speaking countries: “Arbeitsgemeinschaft Simulation im deutschsprachigen Raum”). During this conference innovations, trends, developments, scientific work, and interesting industry applications are presented. This year the conference takes place at the Technische Universität Ilmenau in Germany from the 13th until the 15th of September.

In addition to the traditional topics of the conference, this year’s theme is simulation applications to design and evaluate sustainable production and logistics systems. The topics of the conference range from discrete-event simulation, which is traditionally the focus of the conference, to hybrid methods and the combination with machine learning.

The conference program contains workshops and tutorials, an evening event, and an exhibition with software vendors and service providers from the simulation industry. The program enables opportunities for visitors to gain more knowledge about trending simulation topics, service offerings and feedback on all your questions.

Award Ceremony 2021: Christina Gschwendtner accepting here price virtually 

Call for papers

Additionally, during the conference the Simulation Working Group of ASIM will honor two outstanding theses (Master/Bachelor/Dissertation) in the field of event-discrete simulation in production and logistics. The prize of €1,000 each is awarded every two years and is sponsored by InControl, SimPlan, and Siemens. The thesis can be submitted until the 30th of April by the responsible academic supervisor or by a member of the ASIM working group (“ASIM-Fachgruppe”). Find all the information about the submission here.  

As an active ASIM-member and sponsor InControl will be present at the conference, and we are happy to meet you at the Technische Universität Ilmenau in Germany from the 13th until the 15th of September.

For more information about the conference program, visit the ASIM website.

For more information about the ASIM sponsors please visit:

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Enterprise DynamicsÂŽ 10.5 released! Are you designing, validating, and optimizing your supply chain including specific issues related to manufacturing, (re-)allocation, and logistics? With simulation software
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Software tool for development and planning of logistic nodes

Software tool for development and planning of logistic nodes So far layout planning and logistics simulation have been used separately for the development and planning
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Simulation Excursion of The Netherlands Defense Academy, NLDA

Simulation Workshop and Presentation of The Netherlands Defense Academy, NLDA

For over 30 years, InControl has been working in close cooperation with many leading global Universities, Applied Sciences, and R&D Institutes. InControl’s cooperation is related to solving complex issues for so-called crowded places or supply chains such as last-mile delivery, human behavior, or specific domains like Defense.

A good example is the usage of our discrete-event software Enterprise DynamicsÂŽ during courses at the Netherlands Defense Academy, NLDA. As of this year, NLDA started using our Crowd Management simulation application as well. Both applications are very relevant for military planning, strategy, and operations.  The simulation software of InControl has become an integral part of the Master Military Technology, Processes & Systems (MTPS) curriculum. In this Master’s Program, much attention is paid to modeling and simulation. During the MTPS Master’s Program, students learn to identify, analyze and solve complex technical-operational challenges, related to military missions and systems.

Simulation software has proved to be an important tool to prepare and optimize military infrastructures, and operations, train staff, and predict incidents that threaten (inter)national safety and security. How can we effectively prepare soldiers and security personnel to succeed in their work during peace and mission-critical settings? Our Simulation Software can support the introduction of new operating procedures for tactical and operational army logistics.

Two weeks ago a group of students, professors, and lecturers of the NLDA visited our office in Woerden for a Simulation Workshop & Presentation. Our CCO, Frank van Poeteren, kicked off with a presentation about InControl and our experiences and contribution to the defense domain. Followed by a presentation by Douwe, Crowd Management Simulation Engineer at InControl. He explained the validation and technical features of our software application Pedestrian DynamicsÂŽ. Our CTO, Fred Jansma explained how our software contributes to the safety and security of complex infrastructures.

Student Presentation

Student presentation NLDA

As part of the program, four students from the Master Degree MTPS from the faculty of Military Science presented their assignments using Pedestrian DynamicsÂŽ. All students are Navy, Land, and Air Force officers and follow the Master’s program, besides their daily operations and assignments, part-time. InControl’s Pedestrian DynamicsÂŽ is used to understand the behavior of agents in specific settings and is tested if the results of their simulation models sync with the theory and vice versa. A very successful Workshop & Presentation with compliments to the well-prepared students and good cooperation with the lecturers of the NLDA.  

“We enjoyed our visit to InControl: from the enthousiastic welcome, and the interesting case studies to the in-depth discussions during the day. We learned a lot while having fun. In particular, talking with the Crowd Simulation Engineers was very fruitful: we discussed Pedestrian Dynamics and how we could use it for our applications. We shared many ideas and started collaborating on new projects. 

We look forward to visiting again with our next batch of master students.” 

– Ir. Sander van Oers, Assistant professor NLDA 

Consider starting a simulation course with our simulation software at your University, Applied Sciences, or R&D Institute.

Feel free to contact us to receive more information about our educational program and become part of our Educational Community to discuss and share your knowledge with other lecturers.

How Simulation contributes to Liveable, Safe, and Sustainable cities

How simulation contributes to Livable, Safe, and Sustainable cities Today about 50% of the world’s population lives in urban areas. Expected is, that by 2050
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Student Simulation Project in Public Transportation Crowd simulations at railway station Hoofddorp, The Netherlands

Student Simulation Project in Public Transportation Crowd simulations at railway station Hoofddorp, The Netherlands Written by Jurian Fijen – Amsterdam University of Applied Science –
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Enterprise DynamicsÂŽ 10.4.1 released!

Enterprise DynamicsÂŽ 10.4.1 released!

Last February we released Enterprise Dynamics® 10.4. Since then, we’ve received many positive reactions from our business partners, clients and teachers who are working with our software. Nevertheless, we also received some feedback including advices and bug reports. Naturally we have been busy improving the software and we are therefore happy to announce the release of Enterprise Dynamics® 10.4.1!

With the latest version of Enterprise DynamicsŽ we have added the following three highly requested features:

  • Improved search options: “Text in atom” now also searches in cells of a table
  • Improved search options: “Atom in model” now also accepts wildcards
  • Label overview expanded, giving a clearer overview

Additionally we have solved some minor issues that came forward after the release of Enterprise DynamicsŽ 10.4. A detailed overview of the highlights can be found in the release highlights document.

Curious what Enterprise DynamicsÂŽ can do for you and your company?
Please contact us, or try the software for free.

Enterprise DynamicsÂŽ 10.4 released!

Enterprise DynamicsÂŽ 10.4 released!

Are you designing, validating, and optimizing your Supply Chain including specific issues related to manufacturing, (re-)allocation, and logistics?

Enterprise DynamicsÂŽ is the industry simulation solution. InControl is happy to announce the release of Enterprise DynamicsÂŽ 10.4! Technically improved, more stable and with an increased user-friendliness.

Since the previous release, our developers have worked hard on adding several technical features, improving the user-friendliness and making the software more robust. All this to further increase the workflow, enabling you to create your models even faster.

These improvements are the result of close cooperation between our clients, the end-user of the software, our business partners and our software developers.

The main release highlights are: 

  • Increased reading and writing speed of the Excel ActiveX
  • Increased performance of table and data handling
  • Option to see the planned path for an Advanced Transporter
  • Screenshots in high resolutions now also available for the 3D window
  • Cut-off time of assembler now possible for containers
  • Initialize atom now has an “on load model” functionality
  • User Event atom now can be labelled or provided with a name

Curious what Enterprise DynamicsÂŽ can do for you and your company?
Please contact us, or try the software for free.

How Simulation contributes to Liveable, Safe, and Sustainable cities

How simulation contributes to Livable, Safe, and Sustainable cities

Today about 50% of the world’s population lives in urban areas. Expected is, that by 2050 this number will increase to about 68%. Not only the numbers are increasing, but also the needs are getting more diverse. Urban environments are exciting places to live, work and unwind. But how do we combine all of these aspects in a city? These Metropolitan Areas are not only growing fast but also changing continuously. We have to act faster and more adequate to trends and specific circumstances; like ‘greener’ ways of mobility or – relevant as it is still today – meet physical distancing ruling. All the aforementioned affairs come together in the overall question: how do we facilitate the City of the Future? 

Together with its business partners, Accenture Singapore has created its vision for the Future of Cities. These Metropolitan Areas should not only be the economic powerhouses of our world but also livable, safe, and sustainable locations that are by design inclusive to each stakeholder. Accenture Singapore brings together the relevant expertise and the best of class technology in their recently launched Future of Cities Innovation Hub; focusing on Sustainability, Mobility, and Safety & Security. We, InControl, are both happy and proud to announce that our simulation software is contributing to this Singapore Innovation Hub. In this manner, we are not only committed to the jointly created vision of the Future of Cities but strengthen our company mission statement: ‘’To deliver simulation software for a safe and sustainable planet.’’

But… how exactly is simulation contributing to future cities? To design cities’ infrastructures optimally, a thorough understanding of logistical flows is essential. Not only the logistical flow of pedestrians but also related to goods, rolling stock, energy, and even waste. The simulation of these processes and specific dynamics and scenarios provide tremendous information which in turn gives answers to complex, logistical issues. Think of capacity management, urban planning, and safety & security. Not only can simulation be part of the design phase of urban infrastructures, but it also plays a major role in real-time control and planning of operations. Possible congested areas or other (potential) issues related to public safety and security can be foreseen in an early stage, enabling authorities to act adequately and fast.

For simulating these scenarios, Metropolitan areas and City Authorities are visualizing the infrastructure in a so-called ‘digital twin’. However, to make this digital representation as realistic as possible enormous amounts of data are needed. A powerful software platform is key to process all this data of pedestrians, bikes and vehicular (public) traffic flows. InControl’s simulation software platform Enterprise Dynamics® (including Pedestrian Dynamics®) enables authorities to gather, enrich and process data from several sources like mobile devices, road and parking systems, and even weather stations! A digital twin facilitates the optimization of all flows in a city or any other infrastructure, providing information, insights and allowing quantifiable comparison of scenarios. By having this better understanding of pedestrian and other (public) transportation flows in congested areas during both regular and irregular days. The impact of bottlenecks, queues, and unsafe settings during e.g. city (re)development, road construction activities, or sports and other events, can be predicted and limited in an early stage and – even better – be avoided!           

Besides providing an overview of the distinct scenarios for a certain area, the simulation model also provides so-called ‘heat maps’. These maps provide information about the level of services provided in a certain area where not only the safety of pedestrians can be analyzed but also their level of comfort. Via both the simulation scenarios and heat maps, concretely and easily can be determined whether KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are met.

With Simulation Software, InControl is not only contributing to the realization of City and Metropolitan Authorities’ goals but also providing a pleasant, safe, and secure setting for citizens, workers, and visitors. All around the world, for more than 30 years! Would you like to be fully in control of your urban infrastructure? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to tell you more about our experiences and expertise. 

For more information, please contact:

Read more about Accenture’s Innovation Hub in this article.