Enterprise Dynamics® 10.6 Now Available!

We are excited to announce the latest release of our Digital Twin simulation software, Enterprise Dynamics® 10.6.

Enterprise Dynamics® is the leading simulation software for material handling, logistics, warehousing, and manufacturing. It plays a vital role across all project phases, from design to implementation and operations.

With Enterprise Dynamics®, you gain valuable insights to facilitate well-informed decisions. It enables you to construct business cases based on your organization’s real data. Utilize its 3-D visualization capabilities to enhance systems, demonstrate the impact of various scenarios, and convey decisions in a comprehensible manner. Our software is equipped to help you address a wide range of challenges effectively.

In this latest release, our developers have worked hard to introduce new technical features and enhance user-friendliness. These improvements streamline your workflow, enabling quicker model creation.

Key Highlights Include:
  • Introducing Function Editor Atom
    Export and Import Functions. Easily transfer functions between models, saving time and improving collaboration.
  • Improved Product table availability
    Now, with updated conveyor functionality using data containers, you can store  essential information on the product table, no longer restricted by conveyor behavior.
  • Improved User Event Code Handling:
    We’ve enhanced the system to check and restore the User Event code on reset. Error-free code is restored as intended, while any errors are displayed for easy debugging.
  • Node Atom Enhancements:
    Customize travel distances for each node, improving clarity and flexibility in network setup. Easily switch between user-defined and physical distances for a better user experience.

For a comprehensive overview of the Enterprise Dynamics® 10.6 release features, download the release highlights document.

Curious about the capabilities of Enterprise Dynamics® and how it can benefit your company and customers? Feel free to contact us or try our software free of charge.

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