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Leisure Venues

Crowd Safety, security and capacity management are important issues during the design, construction and operational phases of stadiums, arenas, events or any other infrastructure. Even if the location is already in use, new and existing conditions will regularly have to be reconsidered because every event or activity has its own unique make-up and therefore guidelines for safety and utilization. And of course, you want your visitors feeling safe and satisfied about their visit.

Your challenges

The challenges that come with the optimization of sports/events venues, concerts, festivals, theaters, museums, shopping malls, theme parks, expositions and other commercial venues vary from the design of the building construction (the infrastructure) to operational and staffing issues. The continuous balancing of the event, safety rules, spectator / visitor experiences, financial, marketing and commercial goals of the venue/event is a complex process.

  • What is the maximum safe capacity in relation to the entry/exit flow rates?
  • How can I meet the conditions of the fire marshal on emergency evacuation or shelter-in-place?
  • How many emergency exits, toilets, lockers and staff do I need and where do I need them?
  • What positions for concessions are most suitable to maximize both safety & security requirements and maximize commercial revenues?
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Our solution

InControl Simulation software provides data and insights of attendee/staff flows, queuing, possible bottlenecks and helps to improve issues related to: planning, utilization, safety and security.

We create the ability for our clients to virtually design, test and analyze the behavior of visitors and the lay-out of infrastructures including their cascading effects under all sorts of – average, peak and hazardous and commercial- conditions. Such as marketing, ingress, egress and interior visitor flows, evacuations caused by fire and smoke, bomb threats/explosions, active shooter, adverse weather, traffic congestions, and queuing. Our crowd simulation software today is also heavily used to implement physical distance and other Covid-19 pandemic rules and regulations. Simulation saves time and money by testing various functionalities/configurations in your venue during the design phase and pre-implementation.

What we offer:

  • Software Licenses
  • Software applications
  • Analytical Consultancy 
  • Training
  • Maintenance and support 
Enhancing Fan Engagement and Venue Performance
Optimizing sports and entertainment venues/events presents various challenges, including designing the building,
constructing (infrastructure), and addressing operational issues such as pedestrian and traffic flows.

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