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With the introduction of Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing, we will enter an era in which all relevant production and support processes will get interconnected. As a result, the optimization focus will be no longer limited to one factory but engages the entire supply chain. To optimize the manufacturing line, the supply chain and the subsequent logistics, decision makers will need simulation modeling support to validate their decisions. The complexity of and variation in these optimization processes create systems that cannot be optimized using pen and paper. You need to calculate and compare various scenarios to determine the best solution given the set of orders already received and orders expected. Simulation is the best technique and most successful solution to achieve this.


Manufacturing environments are traditionally the locations where value is added to material and (semi) finished products. However, to create this economic value and convert it into long-lasting profit, there are many challenges.

  • Is it possible to improve my operator utilization?
  • What are the bottlenecks in the production process?¬†
  • How can costs be reduced and innovations be introduced?¬†
  • Can the overall efficiency be optimized?
  • What about 3rd Party Manufacturing and Logistics?

Our solution

Predictive analytical simulation provides insight which helps to make informed decisions. It enables you to build business cases based on actual numbers of your organization. Use the 3-D visualization to improve the system and present the outcome of different scenarios, the effect of each decision in a way people understand and can recognize in operation. Our software has all elements to help you find the most suitable solution for above mentioned challenges and many more. We innovate by making usage of real time data from sensors, MES and ERP-systems, the combined strength of simulation and emulation!

With the simulation software and analysis, every production facility and all processes to supply materials can be thoroughly analyzed, monitored and evaluated.

What we offer:

  • Software Licenses
  • Software applications
  • Analytical Consultancy
  • Training
  • Maintenance and support¬†


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