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Software Platform

The InControl Software Platform

Enterprise Dynamics¬ģ is a powerful platform that enables you to create a Digital Twin of real-world infrastructures and systems. This virtual replica allows you to gain valuable insights into the behavior of the actual system under various conditions and scenarios.

By modeling manufacturing plants, supply chains, logistics networks, transportation systems, and more, you can understand and optimize the performance of your operations.

The software’s core functionality involves simulating the flow of entities, such as products, persons, or vehicles, through an infrastructure or system.

By considering factors like resource allocation, processing times, and transportation, users can experiment with diverse strategies and policies. This experimentation empowers you to optimize processes, boost efficiency, mitigate bottlenecks, and proactively identify potential issues before implementing changes in the real world.

Performance Optimization

Simulate unlimited scenarios and parameters to identify optimal setups, uncover concealed patterns, and explore innovative concepts to optimize performance and embrace innovation.  

Risk Mitigation

Create a Digital Twin of your infrastructure to model and simulate real-world scenarios in a controlled environment. This enables you to test different strategies, processes, and decisions without risks.

Cost and Time Savings

Identify process inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and resource limitations before implementation, resulting in more efficient resource allocation and reduced operational costs.

Supply Chain

Leading Digital Twin Software to design, validate, optimize, and control your supply chain including specific issues related to material handling, logistics, transportation, and manufacturing.

Our Supply Chain Software allows you to:

  • Enhance decision making
  • Optimize operations
  • Increase performance
  • Reduce Costs

Crowd Management 

Leading Digital Twin Software to create and execute large crowd simulation models in complex infrastructures. It can be used to evaluate the performance and safety of your environment in every phase of the life cycle; from design to operation.

Our Crowd Management Software allows you to enhance:

  • Customer experience
  • (cost) efficiency
  • Innovation
  • Safety and security
  • Sustainability

Discover our Domains

Across various industries, businesses, organizations, universities, and research and development institutes rely on our software to gain valuable insights into their operations, make informed data-driven decisions, and enhance overall performance.

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