Enterprise Dynamics® 10.4.1 released!

Last February we released Enterprise Dynamics® 10.4. Since then, we’ve received many positive reactions from our business partners, clients and teachers who are working with our software. Nevertheless, we also received some feedback including advices and bug reports. Naturally we have been busy improving the software and we are therefore happy to announce the release of Enterprise Dynamics® 10.4.1!

With the latest version of Enterprise Dynamics® we have added the following three highly requested features:

  • Improved search options: “Text in atom” now also searches in cells of a table
  • Improved search options: “Atom in model” now also accepts wildcards
  • Label overview expanded, giving a clearer overview

Additionally we have solved some minor issues that came forward after the release of Enterprise Dynamics® 10.4. A detailed overview of the highlights can be found in the release highlights document.

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