Enterprise Dynamics® 10.4 released!

Are you designing, validating, and optimizing your Supply Chain including specific issues related to manufacturing, (re-)allocation, and logistics?

Enterprise Dynamics® is the industry simulation solution. InControl is happy to announce the release of Enterprise Dynamics® 10.4! Technically improved, more stable and with an increased user-friendliness.

Since the previous release, our developers have worked hard on adding several technical features, improving the user-friendliness and making the software more robust. All this to further increase the workflow, enabling you to create your models even faster.

These improvements are the result of close cooperation between our clients, the end-user of the software, our business partners and our software developers.

The main release highlights are: 

  • Increased reading and writing speed of the Excel ActiveX
  • Increased performance of table and data handling
  • Option to see the planned path for an Advanced Transporter
  • Screenshots in high resolutions now also available for the 3D window
  • Cut-off time of assembler now possible for containers
  • Initialize atom now has an “on load model” functionality
  • User Event atom now can be labelled or provided with a name

Curious what Enterprise Dynamics® can do for you and your company?
Please contact us, or try the software for free.

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