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The InControl Software

InControl is a premier manufacturer of analysis and control software for the safety and sustainability of critical infrastructures.

Our software solutions enable you to cope with time, costs, resources, productivity, reliability, safety and sustainability. Worldwide, our solutions are implemented in logistics, manufacturing, transportation and crowd management.

We support you with the ability to plan, design, built and test activities during integration, implementation and operational stages. We deliver our software platform and services based on one core engine: Enterprise Dynamics®. We maintain high quality standards of our software platform and services in close cooperation with our Partners, Universities, and top tier Research Institutions.

Get to know our Product

Our software is the premier comprehensive modeling, analysis, communication and decision support tool that meets today’s standards for Business engineering. It helps to analyze and predict the impact of business changes in terms of performance, people and profits.

It is also a strong communication tool through visualization that gives insight to business processes, movement and to support implementation. It helps to avoid unnecessary risks by predicting the future performance of any business process.

Supply Chain Simulation

Are you designing, validating and optimizing your supply chain including specific issues related to manufacturing, (re-)allocation and logistics? Our Supply Chain Software – Enterprise Dynamics – is the leading simulation software platform to assist and support in modelling and analyzing virtually any problem. The software allows you to find answers and insight without physically investing in the solution.

Crowd Management Simulation

Are you dealing with issues related to planning, utilization, safety, security and operations of your infrastructure or event?

Our Crowd Management Software – Pedestrian Dynamics – enables you to model any kind of pedestrian infrastructure or environment and contributes to the customer experience, (cost) efficiency, innovation, safety and security of your event.

Supply Chain Simulation

Our Supply Chain Simulation software Enterprise Dynamics® is a comprehensive simulation software platform that offers a fully configurable, scalable, and easy-to-use simulation environment. It helps you to solve any complex people, process, technology, and infrastructure-related challenges with data-driven answers. The software enables you to analyze, optimize and control the performance of your assets and investments and can be utilized throughout the entire lifecycle of your investment, from design-build to operation and continuous improvements.

Our Supply Chain Simulation Software enables you to cope with resources, costs, time, reliability, safety, and sustainability.

Virtual optimization

Virtually test and improve any scenario throughout the entire system lifecycle without disrupting the actual system and also decrease the implementation period.

Return on Investment

Simulation Software enables you to evaluate your potential and/or future resource investments.

Improve Communication

State-of-the-art 2D and 3D visualization enables you to communicate effectively and supports you in convincing stakeholders.

Planning & Preparation

With simulation, you can answer all your “what-if” questions and optimize your resource planning.

Related Application Areas

Crowd Management Simulation

Our Crowd Management Simulation is an extensive and user friendly software application. It is designed for the creation and execution of large crowd simulation models in complex infrastructures. It can be used to evaluate the performance and safety of your environment in every phase of the life cycle; from design to operations.

Realize safe and secure Crowd Management

The InControl software enables you to simulate unlimited functional scenarios such as ingress, egress, crowd flow, social distancing, evacuation, sheltering, active shooter and other terrorist attacks to experiment and explore various response options and

Decrease costs

By optimizing the infrastructure during the design phase, high additional costs can be avoided during the operations. Offers a rapid model building environment which saves time and costs.

Improve Commerce

Increase customer satisfaction by improving pedestrian flows, experiences and comfort and identify the commercial attractiveness of locations by flow measurements.

Proven Track record

Has been used widely in many large scale projects in most critical infrastructure environments including stadiums, airports, public transport terminals, mega events and urban planning.

Related Application Areas


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