If you’ve ever visited Amsterdam during one of your weekend getaways, you must have noticed that the Netherlands is the ultimate cycling nation. There are about 13 million bicycles in the Netherlands, as this is one of the great means of transportation to get around. One of the downfalls lies in finding a proper place to park your bike.

The use public transport opposed to the car, is getting more and more popular in the Netherlands. The Dutch government is promoting the use of public transport in combination with the bicycle even more. The latest government stimulus package “bicycle parking at train stations” aims to further reduce the shortage in bicycle parking spots at the Dutch train stations. The outlook is that a shortfall of roughly 100.000 bicycle parking spots by 2030 is expected.

When it comes to reducing shortages and optimizing bicycle parking facilities to its best potential, simulation is now a proven solution. Simulation supports in providing insights in potential bottlenecks, attractiveness and occupation of the biking facility. To do so, INCONTROL uses its own software Pedestrian Dynamics®.

The use of simulation as a tool to optimize facilities, reduces cost in the long run and increases overall customer satisfaction, which is getting noticed by various stakeholders in the transit sector. As a result, INCONTROL has simulated various bicycle parking facilities, including the world’s biggest in Utrecht. This bicycle parking facility alone has a capacity of more than 13.000 bicycles.

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