Enhancing Safety and Security: InControl’s TruVenue Digital Twin Application for Sports & Entertainment

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Crowd and traffic management, safety and security are “hot topics” for those who are involved in the event industry nowadays. Attacks on soft targets and crowded places represent a significant challenge. Marketing and revenue generation are also high on the list of challenges. Our Digital Twin Software Application for Sports and Entertainment,TruVenue’ is the solution for these challenges!

TruVenue is our NCS4 award-winning application enables users to simulate the entire fan journey, from purchasing their ticket to experiencing the event, and returning home. At InControl, we understand the importance of providing a non-technical, user-friendly interface for venue and event staff to use on a daily basis. As we learned that one-off simulation modeling is limited to specific events, particularly in terms of ingress/egress, circulation, or evacuation/sheltering.

TruVenue incorporates dynamic data such as ticketing, transit, parking, entry, movement, and sales, enriching each simulation of the digital twin.

“ TruVenue was developed as a powerful tool for venue and event managers to safely and efficiently operate successful events!”

TruVenue application at a live event

Key Features and Benefits

TruVenue is a tool for fan enhancement, risk prediction/mitigation, cost savings and revenue generation. It begins by creating a digital twin based on your venue’s CAD/BIM data, incorporating details like capacity, obstacles, and layout. The application is then tailored to suit your specific venue requirements.

The success of a sports/entertainment enterprise event/venue can be measured by fan engagement, team/entertainer performance, revenue generation and a level of optimization of the venue that hosts the events. The challenges that come with optimization of venues vary from the design of the building construction/management (infrastructure) to operational issues such as pedestrian, traffic, transportation and logistics flows in and around the venue.

Through simulation, TruVenue helps visualize the impact of venue and event activities, including the movement of people, equipment, and operational processes, aiding in identifying potential procedural failures.

InControl’s TruVenue application gives you the ability to model and simulate infrastructures at various levels of detail, allowing you to analyze the behavior of these infrastructures under both routine and hazardous conditions. This includes scenarios such as traffic congestion, evacuations/sheltering, bombing/bomb threats, active shooter, terrorism, vehicle ramming, adverse weather, congestion during ingress, and equipment/supply logistics.

Simulations aid in visualizing risks, threats and in designing procedures for all staff and first responders, making it an excellent training, preparation, and evaluation tool. Simulations also serve to satisfy fire marshals’ requirements for validating safe person capacities, evacuation/sheltering times and prevent crushing.

“TruVenue serves as a predictor, operational tool, training aid, and evaluation tool, applicable before, during, and after events.”

Capabilities of the Application

With TruVenue, you have the option to change floor seating and obstacles yourself (once built), especially for stage layouts. You can load any earlier used settings to prefill the input on the following screens or you can click ‘Next’ to guide you through all relevant settings for the chosen scenario. The orange box represents event types that depend on your specific venue, while the blue box illustrates different scenarios within your venue. The specifics, of course, depend on the characteristics of the venue.

Different standard outputs are easily accessible by pressing the corresponding buttons based on the following settings for ingress, circulation, egress or emergency egress or sheltering:

  • Spectator Demographics (with auto defaults)
  • Seats Sold & Locations (could auto load from ticket seller)
  • Arrival Patterns/Fill Rate & Screening Times (by section)
  • Internal Passageways/Portal (open/close or direction setting)
true venue digital twin application interface
Application Interface

Once the selections have been made and the simulation run various Outputs are available to pick:

TruVenue Digital Twin Application interface

2D & 3D Viewer

TruVenue Digital Twin Application interface

Density Maps

TruVenue Digital Twin Application interface

Travel time maps

TruVenue Digital Twin Application interface

Evacution & Shelter Times

TruVenue Digital Twin Application interface

Flow Counter

TruVenue Digital Twin Application interface

Level of Service

InControl’s TruVenue Application enables Sports & Entertainment Venues/Events to improve decision making processes and predictability through the following capabilities:

  • Pedestrian Ingress/Egress/Circulation/Routing
  • Evacuation/Sheltering
  • Queuing/Magnetometers/Ticket Scanners
  • Crowd Crush
  • Fire Marshal Capacity Testing
  • Issue Trend Analysis (Slip/Falls, medical, fights)
  • Safety Act Planning & Validation
  • E-Bomb Card (Bombing Impact Anticipation & Response Planning)
  • Active Shooter (Anticipation & Response Planning)
  • Vehicle Ramming (Anticipation & Response Planning)
  • New Venue or Renovation Planning
  • Commercialization (Concession/Activation/Sponsorships Placements)
  • Emergency Vehicle Placement
  • AED/First Aid Placement
  • Staff Planning/Placement
  • Item Placement (Fencing/Bike Rack/Bollards/Rope Line, etc)
  • Event Planning/Risk Assessment
  • Site/Venue/Event Planning
  • Traffic/Parking Control
  • Staff Training/Exercises (Realistic Visualization)
  • Automatic CAD/BIM import
  • Open API for Data Ingestion & Analysis
  • Video Camera Integration
  • Line of Sight (Camera placement)
  • Realtime Tracking (WiFi, Geo)(Staff, Spectators)

TruVenue empowers you to predict and manage a wide range of scenarios effectively. Whether you’re planning a new venue or optimizing an existing one, TruVenue provides the tools to safeguard stadiums, arenas, festivals, performing arts centers, transit hubs, and more.

Curious about how TruVenue can benefit your organization? Please contact us!

“With InControl TruVenue Digital Twin Application you can predict and control all kinds of scenarios, or as we say: It enables you to Experience the Future Today!

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