Warsaw Gdańska Station is one of the major transport hubs in Warsaw where the railway station, metro, tram and buses come together. The surrounding area located next to the hub is a very fast growing area.

The Polish Railway Infrastructure Authority plans to modernise one of the main station in Warsaw, forming a complex intermodal transport hub, connecting railway, underground and trams/buses. Pedestrian Dynamic has been used to analyse existing and planned public transport infrastructure for predicted pedestrian flow for 2020 and 2025. The passenger demand forecast was based on the Warsaw traffic model.

Pedestrian Dynamic’s crowd simulations allowed to determine the bottlenecks of existing infrastructure. As a result, the optimized new entrance/exits to the underground station and reconstruction of railway platforms were proposed.





We are proud that our Polish friends of Krzysztof Pogłód Usługi successfully used Pedestrian Dynamics for this project. Interested to learn how Pedestrian Dynamics is used at Public Transport Terminals, read more!