Features Training

Enterprise Dynamics® is a comprehensive simulation software platform for discrete event simulation. Based on our experience and customer feedback new features and improvements are introduced with the new major release Enterprise Dynamics® 10. The objective of this course is to stay up-to-date with the latest developments of Enterprise Dynamics® 10.

Target group

The Enterprise Dynamics® 10 Features Training is for everyone who has experience in modeling in Enterprise Dynamics® and wants to stay up-to-date.


0,5 Day

Course outline

Learn about all new functionalities of the new release of Enterprise Dynamics® 10. The Enterprise Dynamics® 10 Features training is an excellent way to be in front.

  • General overview of the new features of Enterprise Dynamics® 10;
  • Improved coding experience and how to fully utilize it;
  • Data containers, why, when and how to use;
  • dbExpress, optimize your database connections;
  • Parallel loops and replication, use the multicore processors for simulation.