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Digital Twin Software for Material Handling & Logistics

Empower Your Operations:

Cutting-Edge Digital Twin Technology for Material Handling & Logistics

Unlock the potential of Industry 4.0 with our leading Digital Twin software. Seamlessly optimize your supply chain, from warehouses to the entire operational network. As we progress into Industry 5.0, our focus extends beyond efficiency to sustainability, human-centric design, and resilience.

Why choose our Digital Twin software?

Empower your organization with our cutting-edge Digital Twin software. Conduct experiments, explore optimization possibilities, and integrate new technologies seamlessly. Our Digital Twin software solutions are the accelerator of efficient operations, offering benefits throughout the entire project lifecycle, from system design to seamless implementation and day-to-day operations.

Our Digital Twin simulation solution for large-scale material-handling systems and manufacturing lines allows you to:

  • Create larger and more detailed models
  • Run simulations faster
  • Utilize object-oriented simulation objects
  • Create your own simulation objects
  • Use your simulation model for emulation
  • Add your own algorithms, control, and communication functions

Future-proof technology

Our powerful simulation software platform allows you to develop your own simulation tool with state-of-the-art capabilities:

  • True parallel simulation capabilities
  • Multiple simulation formalisms in one simulation model
  • Unprecedented scalability and simulation speed
  • Cross-platform compatibility

The first simulation development platform utilizing all your available hardware. As a software development package, it will allow software developers to create their own simulation application or integrate the simulation software platform in other applications or systems.


Discover the key features of our Digital Twin Software for large-scale material handling systems and manufacturing lines.

Ready to enhance your operations? Book a meeting with one of our Digital Twin experts or download our free-of-charge trial for a firsthand experience.

Powerful Platform

A Powerful Simulation Platform for large-scale systems. With 2D and 3D visualization


Create your own object library and modify existing objects. Import your own 3D models. 

Easy to Extend

Extended object libraries and additional packages for different application areas

Open architecture

Input and output connection based on all industry standards.

User Friendly

Easy to use graphical user interface with “Drag & Drop” model building

No Limitations

Unlimited model possibilities

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