Teachers of the Dutch Defense Academy successfully completed eTraining

In March this year, two researchers of the Dutch Defense Academy attended the 3-day Pedestrian Dynamics® Studio Simulation Course online. Servicing customers all over the world, INCONTROL is offering webinars and (short) online training sessions for many years. Usually we prefer to give our three-day training courses in-person and off and on site (check our recent article about this course in Mexico: here). Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the decision to organize the training completely online was a no brainer. Both researchers successfully completed the eTraining.

For many years, the Dutch Defence Academy has been implementing Enterprise Dynamics® to support their simulation courses for the bachelor Military Systems and Technology. They offer a three-year curriculum for army officers to obtain the Bachelor of Science title. Besides education, the faculty is also focused on research. One of their research topics is the security of critical infrastructures which triggered their interests in the crowd simulation software Pedestrian Dynamics® of INCONTROL. The Dutch Defence Academy shall offer in close corporation with INCONTROL an increased number of specific research projects based on Pedestrian Dynamics.

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“What I liked most about the training was the setting. A small group of students, and an instructor that is well prepared to answer all related and non-related questions”.
Dr Martijn van Ee, Assistant Professor Operations Research, Mathematics & Statistics

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