Material Handling Simulation


Enterprise Dynamics® simulation software has all the functionalities to let you make informed decisions about material handling systems. Whether it concerns a large, completely automated system or a complex, hybrid material handling system, the simulation software Enterprise Dynamics® enables you to perform in-depth analyses and evaluate scenarios. Use a virtual representation of your material handling processes to improve the system and create a fail-safe environment.

  • Where are the bottlenecks in the system that cause congestions?
  • Does another conveyor improve the accessibility and capacity of the AS/RS?
  • What is the impact of further automation of my material handling processes?

Simulation provides additional insight which helps to make informed decisions. It also enables you to compare business cases based on validated input information. Use the 2D, 3D and VR visualization to present the outcome of different scenarios and the effect of each decision in a way people understand and recognize.

Let the Enterprise Dynamics® simulation software help you in shaping your material handling processes.

Key Features of Enterprise Dynamics


  • A powerful simulation platform for large-scale systems, 32-bit and 64-bit
  • State-of-the-art 2D & 3D visualizations

User friendly

  • Easy to use graphical user interface
  • “Drag & Drop” model building

No limitations

  • Experiment wizard
  • No model limitations

Easy to extend

  • Comprehensive object libraries and additional packages for different application areas
  • Extended set of pre-defined and user-defined control rules


  • Create your own object library and modify existing objects
  • Extended result reporting module and standard output

And more..

  • interfaces based on industry standards
  • Import your own 3D models
  • Open architecture; input and output connection based on all industry standards

A closer look at material handling simulation

If there is one area where simulation is well applicable, it is automated material handling systems. Simulation with Enterprise Dynamics® has proven its value in this field numerous times. The underlying question within this market is often the estimation of the Return On Investment (ROI) for the automated handling systems. It generally concerns a tradeoff between preserving a manual operation and investing in automation of the handling. Other considerations may be the comparison between several options for automating the material handling.

The tradeoffs regard of course financial consequences – investment costs versus reduction of FTE’s – but also logistical aspects, such as the required flexibility in routings, peak capacities, availability, and reliability.

Material Handling Simulation

Simulation systems or applications for those goals are constructed with elements representing different types of conveyor systems, DCV systems, overhead cranes, sorters, robots, AGV’s and many other ready to use modeling blocks. The characteristics and control rules are then customized to make them representative of the handling equipment in the actual or proposed situation.

The performance indicators measured in simulation models of automated material handling systems include achievable throughputs, lead times over the various trajectories and the results of queuing effects in the system. Furthermore, an important result of models can be the determination of the degree of system redundancy.

Enterprise Dynamics® is applied for modeling automated handling systems in industrial environments, distribution centers, and airport baggage systems. Besides, several manufacturers of automated material handling systems use the software as a service to prove the system functionality to their customers.

Experience INCONTROL

The 25 years of experience in the different fields of application is used for the ongoing development of the software. Together with the expertise and network of INCONTROL, Enterprise Dynamics® offers the flexibility for successful simulation projects in every market. With decades of automated material handling systems experience and knowledge, Enterprise Dynamics® has proven to be the best solution for various important themes within this market.