INCONTROL offers several courses that teachers can attend to improve their knowledge to correctly build and analyze simulation models in Enterprise Dynamics. Teachers can also follow a special Enterprise Dynamics Teacher training that not only focuses on the software but also explains the Teaching material that is supplied with Enterprise Dynamics Classroom. This course is an excellent opportunity to shorten the preparation time for your own course.

The classes offer a balance of lectures and hands on training. Courses are taught in small groups, this guarantees a high level of individual attention and room for your specific questions and interests.

The following Enterprise Dynamics courses are suitable for teachers:

  • Enterprise Dynamics Basic Training (3 days)
  • Enterprise Dynamics Advanced Training (2 days)
  • Enterprise Dynamics Teacher Training (3 days)


The fully benefit from Enterprise Dynamics INCONTROL strongly recommends every teacher who uses Enterprise Dynamics in the classroom to follow either the Enterprise Dynamics Basic Training or the Enterprise Dynamics Teacher Training. This will give you more background on modeling with Enterprise Dynamics and simulation techniques and helps you to solve the problems and questions your students ask you during the computer sessions.

We advise teachers who use Enterprise Dynamics for research and more advances student projects to also follow the Enterprise Dynamics Advanced Training to learn more about 4DScript, custom logics and the Enterprise Dynamics internals.

For scheduled training see the training calendar. For all other question about our training courses contact