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Public transport terminals (air, rail, bus, metro, car service) have many goals, including: optimizing passenger and vehicle flows, improving passenger experiences and keeping all passengers safe. Achieving these goals are challenging since all stakeholders will acknowledge they have a stake in a well-run public transport terminal, but all have different, sometimes conflicting, priorities. Furthermore, due to delays and rush hours, there is no such thing as an ‘ordinary day or hour’.


In order to operate a (multi-modal) transportation terminal effectively and efficiently many challenges arise.

Questions that should be answered are for example:

  • How can my terminals develop effective pedestrian flows and handle surges?
  • How can I deconflict pedestrian and vehicular traffic as part of a seamless terminal?
  • How can my terminal be evacuated or sheltered safely in case of emergency?
  • What are the most commercial attractive areas for retailers at my transportation hub?
  • How does a crowd behave when there is a delay of the transport operator?


InControl’s Simulation software includes various demographic algorithms offering solutions providing insights to get a more efficient, passenger friendly and safe terminal including passenger flows and potential bottlenecks. It enables you to create a model of the complete infrastructure for passenger handling or smaller models focusing on specific areas. An integral model will indicate the complexity and dependency of all terminal elements; local models focus in more detail on movements in specific areas or processes, to include line queuing. We are innovative by making use of real time data from camera’s and sensors; which is the combined strength of simulation and emulation!

Simulation provides additional insight to ensure informed decisions for safe crowd management and cost savings. It enables you to evaluate use cases and prevent failures. We provide you with to-the-point data, 2D and 3D-visualization to present the outcomes of different scenarios and the effect of each decision in a way every stakeholder understands and can link to what is happening at the terminal. Once you have implemented the best scenario, it can be used as a training tool for your staff as well.

What we offer

  • Software Licenses
  • Software applications
  • Analytical Consultancy 
  • Training
  • Maintenance and support 
Our implimentations:
Simulation Supporting Total Airport Management
InControl’s Simulation Software can contribute to
the challenges that arise on Strategic, Tactical and Operational level in the aviation industry
header railway simulation
Our implimentations:
Experience the future of Rail Transport
Simulation software is a key tool to perform analysis for the punctuality and robustness of the Railway
infrastructure and contributes to the safety, sustainability and passenger experience of Rail Transport

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