“Universities and INCONTROL decide to further improve their cooperation and establish an educational user community where new developments, teaching materials and video tutorials can be shared and discussed.”

During the latest edition of the Seminar Simulation and Education INCONTROL showed a sneak preview of the video tutorials of the new Get Started With Enterprise Dynamics series currently under development. This collection shows step by step instructions of Enterprise Dynamics modeling techniques and allows modern day students to get started quickly. Dr. Nienke Valkhoff, Manager Training & Education of INCONTROL explained the added value of predictive analytics, INCONTROLs simulation software platform and INCONTROLs Educational Programs.

Lecturer Henk Loeffen of Fontys University of Applied sciences Eindhoven presented the results of the joint development activities of INCONTROL and Fontys University. This cooperation resulted in two new simulation objects: a multi KANBAN object and a Pull Warehouse object, which were created to make it easier for students to build Pull models. He reported on a case study where students analyzed and improved a fictional Snowboard factory.

Lecturer Henk of Fontys: “Students can focus more on processes and logistics instead of the complexity and hurdles of a simulation program.”

Enterprise Dynamics is a powerful ready to use tool to deepen and improve the understanding of students of topics such as effect of variation, the theory of constraints and the use of simulation as an approach to predictive analytics. Teachers appreciate how students can quickly get started building simulation models. The new video tutorials and simulation objects improve this even further.

The participating universities expressed their interest to be able to immediately try out pre-releases of new video tutorials and newly developed simulation objects and give feedback. To facilitate this the participating universities and INCONTROL decided to extend their cooperation by establishing an educational community where teachers can share knowledge and materials and discuss future developments. 

Lecturer Henk Loeffen of Fontys

Lecturer Henk Loeffen of Fontys presents the newly developed simulation objects which allow students to focus on the processes and logistics and removes the need for script code as shown on the screen.

Would you like to be the first to try out the latest videos of the Enterprise Dynamics Get Started series or the newly developed simulation objects developed by INCONTROL and Fontys. Become part of our active educational user community and discuss or share with other lecturers that teach simulation. Just send an email to education@incontrolsim.com or join us at the next Seminar Simulation and Education.

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Dr N. Valkhoff – Manager Training & Education