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Since 1989 InControl’s software has successfully been used by many Universities, Applied Sciences, Research & Development Institutes, and organizations all around the world. Besides developing software solutions and teaching materials for our educational customers, we are seasoned in teaching simulation courses for organizations and educational institutes. We use these experiences to continually keep improving our software and teaching material.. As a premier international provider of simulation modelling software, we are serving both students and teachers maintaining a close and mutually beneficial relationship. These institutes continually, test and update our unique algorithms.


One of the challenges is the engagement of your students to prepare them for their professional career in which digitalization and virtualization are trends. In many fields predictive analytics proves its value. Whether you teach students in engineering that need to find bottlenecks in a production system, or students in crowd management that need to analyze the evacuations times in a complex infrastructure. Students need to get familiar with these virtualization technologies to become successful using these tools and implementing these projects. Using simulation in your research project can be a challenge; struggling with the open structure, flexibility and capabilities of the available tools.

Our solutions

What we offer students

Easy access to our software in all phases of their studies with free of charge started licenses to support students.

  • Video tutorials, written tutorials, and example models
  • A community forum
  • Internships at our company or at partnering companies: simulation engineering, organization, marketing
  • Student support
  • Student competition, InControl sponsors the student competition for discrete event simulation in production and logistics of the ASIM. The ASIM is the association for simulation in Germany.

What we offer teachers:

Since the curriculum time is generally limited. So we make available an attractive simulation tool, as well as informative and practical teaching materials. It is vital to keep the attention of students, and our software is exactly the tool for this purpose. For education InControl offers affordable and flexible licenses for academic purposes and delivers a solution for every need.

  • Affordable and powerful simulation software for your classroom/institute
  • A classroom license includes a free of charge license for the teacher
  • Teacher Training or more advanced training courses to quickly master the many possibilities of the software tool
  • Guest courses to introduce students to simulation and real world projects
  • Online access to teaching materials including case studies with solutions that you are allowed to adapt to best fit in your own courses, and presentation slides
  • InControl organizes Seminars Simulation & Education offerings
  • Technical and specific Teacher support.

What we offer Academic and Research & Development institutes

Research & Development can be focused on a general, industry segment or specific customer related projects. If you are a PhD student or a researcher we offer:

  • Affordable simulation software licenses
  • A powerful simulation software platform with:
  • A large set of ready to use objects that can offer to model a wide range of processes,¬† which you can quickly set up a simulation model in your field of interest.¬†
  • Full access to the implementation of every object. Also, Implementation of Algorithms used are documented and can be found in the Help.
  • A simulation platform that allows you to build any kind of simulation model.¬†
  • Interact with external applications in many ways, including ActiveX, XML and raw socket connections.
  • Add DLLs in your preferred programming language.
  • A GUI Builder which allows you to quickly develop a user interface.
  • InControl can support/join you in your research.

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