Royal Danish Army Logistics executes and develops new operating procedures for tactical and operational army logistics.

It is a complex and expensive maneuver to test and validate new operating procedures for army logistics in real life full scale exercises. It is, however, crucial to thoroughly test and validate operating procedures to ensure best possible safety and supply for the soldiers on ground going into battle.

“We see a great potential in stress-testing and developing various supply chains configurations with the new simulation tool.” – Head of Danish Defence Simulation Technology Danish Army Logistics therefore partnered up with simulation experts from Integrate who used Enterprise Dynamics to develop a customized simulation solution. The simulation model enables the Army logistics professionals to develop, test, and validate new operating procedures without interfering with the real-world processes.

With empirical data from army engagements around the world the simulation solution helps the army logistics professionals to spot the critical bottlenecks in the supply chain Moreover, the general understanding of hard limits within the supply chain under various circumstances is enhanced. As a result, the army professionals are enabled to perform critical improvements to the supply chain.

Bearing that in mind the logistics simulation solution developed by Integrate directly helps the dedicated Army professionals in ensuring the best and safest possible supply chain for soldiers in battle. The simulation solution has been realized in a close cooperation between Integrate and Danish Army Logistics. The development process has been an iterative process with relatively small closed loops and frequent status meetings.

“The army logistics simulation tool has already proven itself and lead to valuable discussions on senior officer level on how we manoeuvre under various conditions. The simulation tool will probably become an integrated part of future training of officers within logistics. Additionally, the close collaboration and support from Integrate has furthermore improved the solution” –

Head of Danish Defence Simulation Technology It was essential for all involved that the solution closely reflects the real-world supply chain both in its functionality and visual representation. Thus, increasing the understanding and interpretation of simulated scenarios in development and testing of operating procedures. The possibility to stress test specific supply chains configurations before deployment further enhances the operational level and security of supply.

Narrowing the gap between preparations before deployment and experienced reality when deployed is a key factor in the overall operational success. For more information please contact us or our implementation partner Integrate.

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