Studio Training

Pedestrian Dynamics® Studio is a comprehensive simulation software platform for crowd simulation. It is a powerful tool that helps those who design, plan or manage the movement of people in environments such as in sport stadiums, stations, shopping areas and entertainment environments.  To be able to model these systems successfully requires knowledge and skills of the modeler. The objective of this three-day training is to provide participants with the knowledge necessary to develop and analyze crowd simulation models using the Pedestrian Dymamics® Studio environment.

Target Group

The Pedestrian Dynamics® Studio Training is for everyone who is new and for those how have basic skills modeling in Pedestrian Dynamics® studio.


3 Days

Course outline

During this three day training course participants are taught how to build and analyse models with Pedestrian Dynamics®.

  • Fundamentals of simulation modeling and analysis.
  • Introduction to the Pedestrian Dynamics® environment.
  • Construction of models; Building the environment.
  • Construction of models; Adding Agent behavior.
  • Generation and interpretation of model output.
  • Build and present models in 2D and 3D.
  • Introduction to the 4DScript programming that allows the user to customize model logic.