Advanced Training

Enterprise Dynamics® is a comprehensive simulation software platform that allows the user to not only customize model logics, but also to adapt and develop modeling objects and to create own libraries and applications. The objective of this two-day training is to provide participants with the knowledge to fully benefit of the developer functionality of Enterprise Dynamics®.

Target Group

This training is for skilled engineers/developers that need to perform advanced simulation modeling projects and/or develop simulation applications and need to use the full features of Enterprise Dynamics®.


2 days

Course outline

This two days training course focuses on atom construction through the use of the Atom Editor and the 4DScript coding language. It starts with a quick recapitulation of topics such as atom referencing. After that, a number of example atoms are built from scratch, teaching participants how to create the atom's functionality, its editing interface and its 2D/3D appearance. Depending on the time, optional topics such as: building your own user interface with the GUI builder, debugging, 3D and virtual reality, building your own applications, i.e., library construction as well as the files required to set up customized simulation applications and ActiveX can be treated.

  • Adapting and developing modeling objects using the Atom editor
  • Developing packages
  • Advanced techniques 4DScript programming language
  • Debugging facilities
  • 3D and Virtual Reality (optional)
  • Constructing user interfaces using the GUI-Builder (optional)