In Romania’s capital city, the metro system consists of six lines carrying 720.000 passengers a day. The existing part of line M4 is located in the North-Western area of the city center. Metrorex, the operator of the metro, plans to extend the line towards the Southern area of the city with a total length of 11.6 kilometers including 13 new metro stations. Succesful

The experts from Amberg Engineering were responsible for the development of a safety concept. It represents an essential technical and financial aspect of the feasibility study and design of a metro project. The concept drives some of the main design choices, which is why it has to be developed as ‘one time right’ at the early phase of a project.

As part of the safety audit, Amberg Engineering conducted a capacity assessment of three metro stations, including line transfer and massive passenger flows. Simulating the stations’ capacity, the software Pedestrian Dynamics® of INCONTROL was well-suited and successfully used.

“Pedestrian Dynamics allowed us to easily accomplish the assessment of the stations passenger capacity. We were able to produce first results within no time. With more complex tasks, we could count on the great support of INCONTROL helping us to meet our client’s deadline and total satisfaction.” says Fadri Guetg – Safety Engineer


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