Enterprise Resource Simulation Platform


With the introduction of Industry 4.0, we will enter an era in which all relevant production and support processes will get interconnected. As a result, the optimization focus will be no longer limited to the own factory, but considers the entire supply chain.

To optimize the manufacturing line, the supply chain and the subsequent logistics people will need support to validate their decisions. The complexity of and variation in these optimization processes create systems that cannot be optimized using pen and paper. You need to calculate various scenarios to determine the best solution given the set of orders already received and orders expected. Simulation is considered to be the best technique to achieve this.

With the introduction of the Enterprise Resource Simulations Platform (ERSP), INCONTROL has started to develop a platform that enables the connection of all relevant systems and data sources. ERSP allows to both simulate and emulate any kind of process and due to its scalability capabilities enables you to simulate the entire supply chain in detail.

At the next phase of platform development, we will not only support executing parallel simulation runs in the cloud, but we will also run single simulation runs in parallel. Users can easily provide the various simulation formalisms in ERSP with their actual data. This allows the users of ERSP to use the platform for optimizing various types of production facilities. A feedback loop allows the platform to communicate simulation input and output with external Machine Learning modules, allowing optimization of production lines or production schedules.

Please feel free to find out how the Enterprise Resource Simulation Platform can be beneficial to your company or organization.