27 june 2017

Like all Dutch Safety Regions, Fryslân advises municipalities in their region on event safety. In early 2017 a crowd simulation analysis (video) was done for the city of Dokkum. Dokkum is one of the 11 city’s that are part of the famous ‘Elfstedentocht’, the biggest ice skating event in the world.

This simulation analysis proved itself so useful that the Safety Region decided to purchase a license of pedestrian simulation software ‘Pedestrian Dynamics’. Next to the active license, Safety Region Fryslân also has 5 certified users of the software.

“Normally we would prepare an event by using traditional scripts and maps of the area. These preparations are very static and don’t give an insight in what happens if a big crowd starts to move. With simulation software, we are able to test every possible scenario. The simulation visualizes potential bottlenecks on any event terrain. We see that a lot of the events are well organized but there are always changes to be made to improve the safety. Ultimately we are able to improve the safety of our events by using simulations.”  – Froukje de Vries, safety manager of Safety Region Fryslân.