INCONTROL’s crowd modelling software Pedestrian Dynamics, will be broadcasted on the Dutch National Television during the popular educational TV show “Het Klokhuis”.

Het Klokhuis broadcasted its first episode in 1988 and has been on Dutch National Television ever since. The show informs children in the age from 9 to 15 about all topics to understand the world which surrounds them. The episode where Pedestrian Dynamics is featured has a focus on crowd management. INCONTROL was asked to show how simulation software solves complex issues and provides safe and comfortable pedestrian infrastructures.

Interesting is that youngsters now a days fully understand the way data integration, modeling and simulation bring more clearance and insights. It is already part of their world. Is this item also interesting for grownups and persons interested in this subject: yes, the visuals saying more than 100 words and for Dutch speaking viewers; it is explained in layman’s terms (in Dutch ‘in Jip en Janneke-taal’).

The episode (in Dutch) will be broadcasted on November 13 2018, 18.40 CET on NPO3. After broadcasting the show will be view-able as ‘broadcast missed’ at the NPO3 but also at the INCONTROL site: