In February 2020, INCONTROL was requiested via our business partner Pranatec Simulación to train staff of the Universidad Technologica De Ciudad Acuña the ins and outs of Enterprise Dynamics®. This technical university located nearby the US-Mexican border is very important to fuel this border region and even Latin America with high-end knowledge and high educated students. Simulation is a relevant part of their technical study.

Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila, Mexico, is located in the low-wage region of Mexico. Ciudad Acuña now has over 50 Maquiladora factories to use affordable labor while enjoying the technology and lifestyle of the United States. Maquiladora is a company that enables factories to manufacture largely duty-free and tariff-free. The factories take raw materials and semi-finished products and assemble, manufacture or process them and export finished products. These factories and systems are spread across Latin America, including Mexico, Paraguay, Nicaragua and El Salvador. The by far most dynamic economic activity in the Coahuila border region today is export-oriented manufacturing. A booming industry in the border regions with the USA and especially in the area around Acuna. An innovative group of teachers and professors successfully completed the Enterprise Dynamics® training Course in order to train their students in the field of logistics simulation successfully. This gives students the opportunity to enrich the manufacturing industry segment with high-end know-how.

Our software allows simulation experts, consultants and customer (end-)users to get more insights in the design, re-design, optimization of manufacturing and logic processes. Additionally, our software is fitting well in the transition to Industry 4.0, Smart Manufacturing and Smart Logistics trends. The simulation software is part of a Digital Twin and is addressing always two aspects ‘Predict’ and ‘Control’. INCONTROL invests in the close cooperation with educational customers and supports professors and teachers in preparing their lessons by providing teaching materials, tutorials, graphs, video’s, etc.. We want to thank business partner Pranatec and Universidad Technologica De Ciudad Acuña for the initiative and INCONTROL is proud to contribute to their local and regional impact.

Would you like to introduce our simulation software Enterprise Dynamics® in your curriculum? Learn more about the broad number of functionalities, scenario’s, output data, 2D and 3D visualizations.

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