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Leading Digital Twin Software for Material Handling & Logistics

Industry 4.0 has introduced an era of digital transformation, where data has become a key driver for supply chain organizations. With the interconnection of all relevant production and support processes, optimization efforts are no longer limited to single warehouses but encompass the entire supply chain. Smart logistics and smart warehousing are becoming the norm with the rapid advancements in technology and digitalization. As we move toward Industry 5.0, the optimization focus will not be limited to increasing efficiency and productivity but also to sustainability, human centricity, and resilience. 

Warehouses play a critical role in mass food and non-food provisioning. Optimizing efficiency is vital to secure and improve profit margins. Creating a digital twin of an individual warehouse or the entire supply chain allows organizations to design, simulate, and test operations, including (semi) automatic order picking, batching algorithm, stock allocation, (empty) tote management, tracking and tracing, temporary storage, and shelving all in a virtual environment. This approach facilitates real-time adjustments as part of a continuous improvement strategy.

Digital Twin software

Our Digital Twin software empowers organizations to replicate their operations and conduct experiments to explore optimization possibilities and the integration of new technologies. Our software solutions are essential throughout all project phases, from system (pre-)design to implementation and ongoing operations. We develop our simulation software applications on a robust platform, providing access to relevant chain data, user-friendly dashboards, 2D, 3D- models, and VR visualization.

Our Digital Twin simulation solution for large-scale material-handling systems and manufacturing lines allows you to:

  • Create larger and more detailed models
  • Run simulations faster
  • Utilize object-oriented simulation objects
  • Create your own simulation objects

Future-proof technology

The introduction of our new simulation development platform would allow you to develop your own simulation tool with state-of-the-art capabilities:

  • True parallel simulation capabilities
  • Unprecedented scalability and simulation speed
  • Cross-platform

The first simulation development platform utilizing all your available hardware

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