The aim of the research project is the integration of layout planning with the aid of a planning table and logistics simulation for logistics nodes. This will be implemented using the example of container terminals in seaports and inland ports.

In the planned research project, a solution is developed that makes it possible to transfer static layouts created on a touch-sensitive and intuitive planning table (multitouch display) directly into a functional dynamic simulation model with logistics strategies. In particular, the deposited strategies are the main pillar of integration, as they represent the missing link between layout planning and simulation. This combines the strengths of both software, intuitive, cooperative layout planning and dynamic process mapping into one solution. The planning software VisTable® from plavis and the simulation software Enterprise Dynamics® from INCONTROL are used. Further project partners are the Fraunhofer CML, the Institute for Maritime Logistics (MLS) and the Study Association for Combined Transport e. V. (SGKV).

Due to the desired development, both plavis and INCONTROL can offer their customers a considerably extended range of functions in the medium term. This innovation directly supports the efficient and rapid planning of logistics nodes, which is necessary for a needs-based expansion of the transport infrastructure. In Germany alone there are more than 300 logistical nodes that can benefit directly from the intended research project.


Overview of all involved partners