In the last week of September INCONTROL hosted the ASIM Fachgruppensitzung at its headquarters in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The president of ASIM (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Simulation) Prof. Dr.-Ing. S. Wenzel of the University of Kassel welcomed a large number of the ASIM members in Utrecht.
ASIM is the association promoting and developing fundamental simulation and applications. INCONTROL underlines the ASIM goals and is an active member.

As part of the meeting, INCONTROL organised together with Amsterdam Airport Schiphol an introduction and tour, sharing the ins and outs of the impressive logistic operation of the baggage handling systems. Schiphol is the 3rd busiest Airport in Europe, processing almost 70 million passengers last year. The baggage handling system is not only one of the largest, but also one of the most advanced systems in the world. It includes high speed individual carrier systems for backbone transport, large automated baggage storage & retrieval systems and robots for automated baggage container loading.

The logistic operation of the baggage handling systems explained to ASIM members

Key aspects are an efficient process which delivers baggage in all kind of sizes, forms and weights in time to the baggage make-up locations or reclaim belts in a safe and secure way. The baggage handling systems of Schiphol Airport are simulated by INCONTROL. INCONTROL provides its software, simulation platform as well as consultancy for continuous improvement.

We want to thank Prof. Dr.-Ing. S. Wenzel, the ASIM members and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol for their contribution.

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