INCONTROL at the 17th ASIM Dedicated Conference

5 may 2017

The ASIM Dedicated Conference is the largest European simulation conference for the Production and Logistics industry, organized every two years. INCONTROL will be participating and is sponsor for this year’s Simulation Award.

At the ASIM Conference, recent developments and applications of simulation are presented by the workgroup “Simulation in Production and Logistics”. ASIM, as being one of the largest European simulation conferences for the Production and Logistics sector, is interesting for representatives of companies that are interested in the applications of simulation technology. Discussions on scientific papers, presentations on successful applications of simulations in companies and the benefits of simulation, are part of the conference program. The ASIM Conference is a platform for the exchange of knowledge in the simulation industry.

INCONTROL welcomes you to visit the ASIM Dedicated Conference in Kassel, Germany to find out more about our current developments around Enterprise Dynamics® – we look forward to meeting you there!

asim dedicated conference

17th ASIM Dedicated Conference, 20 – 22 September 2017

University of Kassel
Kurt-Wolters-Straße 3
D-34125 Kassel

More info on the 17th ASIM conference can be found here or download the ASIM Conference Program + info.