How Simulation Software can support the Leisure Industry to ensure social distance.

Beach pavilion Thalassa has prepared its reopening within the 1.5-meter society thoroughly. By using simulation software of INCONTROL and the advice of CrowdProfessionals, the company has conducted a safety and capacity analyses for the restaurant.

INCONTROL and business partner CrowdProfessionals have developed a simulation model for the Leisure Industry. The model provides insight into how legal rules and protocols have to be implemented, including all planning before opening, visitors and staff instructions with feedback and adaptions during the evaluation stage. Also the profitability will be taken into account. The Zandvoort Beach pavilion Thalassa is well prepared for their reopening!

First analysis of the optimal layout has been made including the location map, maximum of visitors and visitor’s behavior. Then, using simulation analysis, the validation of the design, safe and efficient routes and the maximum expected capacity (utilization)  were calculated. At last the relevant/minimum number of staff needed, was made clear. Quote of Huig Molenaar, owner of Thalassa Beach pavilion: Thanks to this advice, Thalassa is ready for reopening and can be the first beach club/restaurant in The Netherlands to demonstrate the contribution of simulation software to their guests, staff and government authorities.


Safe, pleasant and meeting business goals

As for many entrepreneurs within the Leisure Industry an actual question is: How to guarantee a safe and pleasant environment by taking commercial goals into account, too. Moreover, what could be the maximum capacity with the current requirements regarding social distancing? And: what will be the minimum of staff required to meet safety and business goals.

In order to conduct a reliable and relevant analysis, the legislation, protocols and routing outside and within the building were investigated. This resulted in suggestions for the optimal implementation and suggestions for improvement. Together with the owner and management was determined which additional adjustments are required and what the possibilities within the limitations are. The way of working of Thalassa is sync with current and future challenges when a partly un- or re-lockdown can take place.


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