Groninger Forum is a multifunctional building designed by NL Architects enabling parking facilities, movie theaters, a library, restaurants (including a sky lounge), the tourist office, a SmartLab, shops, exhibition rooms and even an open-air cinema on its roof. Groninger Forum is part of the urban development program of the so called ‘Metropole of The North’.

The new cultural heart of the City of Groningen planned the opening in November 2019.

In response to a request by the Municipality of Groningen, INCONTROL – in close cooperation with CrowdProfessionals – has executed a dynamic evacuation simulation analysis of the Groninger Forum in order to investigate multiple evacuation scenarios and to create a safe environment in line with a variety of emergency conditions.

The dynamic evacuation analysis and development are based on INCONTROLs simulation software Pedestrian Dynamics®. In close cooperation with the Groninger Forum project team all requirements and wishes are discussed. The project team informed INCONTROL by relevant information e.g. digital BIM (Building Information Modeling) and AutoCAD drawings.

The combined use of BIM and AutoCAD drawings enabled INCONTROL to deliver the evacuation analysis within a relatively short period by decreasing the required model build time.

As a result the dynamic evacuation analysis proved that the Groninger Forum is a safe environment under both normal and emergency conditions. We congratulate the City of Groningen with the New Groninger Forum, a true eye catcher in one of the most iconic cities of The Netherlands.

INCONTROL is the worldwide provider of simulation software by which cities and Metropole areas can improve their goals; a for inhabitants, visitors and workers pleasant and save environment. Also the software of INCONTROL contributes to an efficient urban infrastructure with a smooth flow of people and goods.