Enterprise Dynamics® 10.1, NOW AVAILABLE!

24 april 2017

Enterprise Dynamics® is the leading simulation platform to design and implement simulation solutions for the industry, logistics and transportation sector. To guarantee the ongoing, high-quality for our software we are happy to announce and present to you: Enterprise Dynamics® 10.1!

This release contains multiple new features, improvements and bug fixes, as a result from our customer feedback. To meet the fulfilment of our customers’ needs we focus on increasing the ease of use and configurability of the simulation models. The major changes in the new version facilitates users in:

Enterprise Dynamics 10.1 Speedometer

New Feature: Display the Speedometer of Advanced Transporters multiple times

  • Improved OPC Support
  • Improved SAP Support
  • Various debugger improvements
  • Major enhancements of the Elevator Atom
  • Improved 3D modeling support
  • New output options for the Monitor atom and Status Atoms
  • Improved visualization & status of Advanced Linear Robot
  • Improved and extended help
  • and many more. Download the Release Notes for more info


“We invite you to install Enterprise Dynamics® 10.1, to stay up-to-date and run your simulations smoothly.”

Enterprise Dynamics 10.1 Advanced Elevator Atom

New Feature: Advanced Elevator Atom

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Enterprise Dynamics® is a comprehensive simulation platform to help solve any complex people, process, technology and infrastructure related challenge with data-driven answers. The simulation model enables to fully analyze, visualize and optimize the performance of the entire lifecycle of investments, from design-build to operation. If needed, Enterprise Dynamics® can be integrated with external data sources and third party systems. The proven simulation software has been widely used around the world by top 500 companies in:

  • Manufacturing & Production
  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • Material Handling
  • Supply Chain
  • Transit sector

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