Pedestrian Dynamics® 3.2: now available!

Pedestrian Dynamics® is the leading crowd modeling & simulation solution and part of the INCONTROL Enterprise Dynamics Platform. It allows you to model all kind of pedestrian infrastructures and environments. Performance, safety and security can be analyzed and optimized. It allows you to anticipate outcomes through predictive analytics.

The latest version of Pedestrian Dynamics® 3.2 enables you to:

  • analyze complex infrastructures
  • predict regular and specific pedestrian flows, under varying circumstances
  • optimize and validate pedestrian flows
  • determine capacities in different configurations
  • contribute to cost reduction and sponsor programs
  • prepare emergency actions plans
  • contribute to visitors’ experiences, flow, safety & security.
  • plan traffic and pedestrian management

Pedestrian Dynamics® 3.2 Release Video

Pedestrian Dynamics® 3.2 users will experience a significant decrease of modeling time. Work previously done in days is now done in only a few minutes. This is possible due to the introduction of our new import functionalities including support for BIM, CAD, CityGML and many other 3D file formats.

Pedestrian Dynamics® 3.2 enables you to:

  • predict, design and optimize your processes
  • decrease modeling time through new import functionalities
  • use various 3D file formats to enhance your visualizations
  • bring your model to life with our improved Oculus VR compatibility
  • perform static analysis with our new Static Analysis Tools.