Cooperation between knowledge and technology can save lives!

People get injured and may even die during mass gathering events. Often needlessly, as a result of improper risk analysis. Authorities and event organizers frequently lack a good understanding of the risk crowds may bear to individuals on one hand, and the availability of adequate analysis tools on the other hand.

Professor Doctor G. Keith Still, as worldwide recognized expert in the field of crowd management and crowd risk analysis, and INCONTROL, a leader in simulation based risk analysis software, joined forces to help authorities and event managers to organize better and saver events.

Keith Still and INCONTROL will create a joined training program for the industry. INCONTROL will implement the academic analysis tools developed by Keith Still as outcome of thorough research over the years into their risk analysis suit: Pedestrian Dynamics®.

The contract to establish this cooperation was signed on Friday January 29th 2016, at the INCONTROL HQ in Utrecht.

Crowd Risk Analysis Ltd.

Professor Dr. G. Keith Still is Professor of Crowd Science (Crowd Safety and Risk Analysis) at Manchester Metropolitan University and CEO of Crowd Risk Analysis Ltd. based in the UK. He has over 25 years of experience in Crowd Science, teaching and consulting around the world. The mission of Crowd Risk Analysis Ltd. is to improve crowd safety for mass gatherings, through modelling, monitoring and managing crowds in complex and built environments, by teaching the right techniques to help identify risks to a crowd at major events and in places of public assembly.