INCONTROL and Corporate Social Responsibility


Our passion, creating the best simulation solutions for our customers, is driven by innovation. However, that’s not all. We go beyond our passion and it’s our desire to create a better and more sustainable world than the one we left behind when founding INCONTROL, 25 years ago.

Doing our part, reduce our CO2 emission footprint

At INCONTROL, we use our vast experience and knowledge to support a number of green initiatives. Our policies and practices contribute towards the following environmental sustainability efforts:

  • Gain knowledge about the company’s CO₂ emission and footprint;
  • Determine our CO₂ reduction targets;
  • Communicate, internal and external, about our CO₂ emission and reduction targets;
  • Participate in external CO₂ initiatives.

In December 2016, INCONTROL Simulation Solutions (INCONTROL Management Consultants BV – IMC and INCONTROL Simulation Software BV – ISS) has been awarded with the CO₂-Performanceladder, level 3 certificate. In the preparation for the certification procedure the following steps were taken:

  • Compose the Energy Rating 2015 acc. ISO 14064-1 and Greenhouse Gas Protocol; ✔︎
  • Compose the Energy Rating 1st. half year 2016 acc. ISO 14064-1 and Greenhouse Gas Protocol; ✔︎
  • Compose the CO₂ Management Plan; ✔︎
  • Compose the CO₂ Reduction Communication Plan; ✔︎
  • Compose the CO₂ Reduction Plan; ✔︎
  • Compose the Directors Rating CO₂ Reduction Plan; ✔︎
  • Execution of Internal Audit CO₂ Performanceladder acc. ISO 14064-1 and Greenhouse Gas Protocol (early November 2015); ✔︎
  • Delivery of complete set of Certification Documents (mid November 2015); ✔︎
  • Audit CO₂ Performanceladder, level 3, by C++ Certification BV, December 8, 2015. ✔︎

In accordance with our CO2-Performanceladder certification from SKAO, we use our website and internal e-mailing network to communicate about our CO₂ reduction achievements, participations and reports.


CO2 Emission 2015-2019