Our mission is to deliver customers the best in class Simulation Software: Enterprise Dynamics® & Pedestrian Dynamics®. INCONTROL Simulation Software enables you to improve your infrastructures and business processes, supporting an efficient, safe and sustainable operation.

Simulation is key to plan and optimize your Operations and Projects.

We support you with Plan, Design, Built and Test activities as well during Integration, Implementation and Operational stages. We deliver our Software, Consultancy and Platform Services based on one core engine: Enterprise Dynamics®. We maintain high quality standards of our software, platforms, consultants and services in close cooperation with our clients, universities, applied sciences and top tier Research & Development Institutions.

Our teams of highly trained and experienced engineers are working with customers and partners. They develop the software and platforms, provide simulation advice and services, train your staff and coworkers and being part of the functional and technical support team.



Louis T. Schijve

Founder, CEO and President

Gary Gardner

Director of Safety and Security Applications

Jan A. Hofstede

CFO and Board Member

Frank van Poeteren

CCO and Board Member

Fred Jansma



We foresee that all relevant processes in and intra organisations will become interconnected. Next to the fact that machines will communicate directly and the end customer will be part of the requirement, design, test and go-life loop. This transformation of processes is becoming so complex that simulating concepts prior to the built and operation stage, is the best way to guarantee results, efficiency, quality and safety.

For all implementations during the going concern of the projects or core activities, simulations also are the only method to oversee all activities, correlations and impacts. This vision is based on the Industry 4.0 philosophy.



To improve your business we deliver simulation software & platforms. We provide you relevant data, insights and advise. In short: predictive analyzes. Our mission is to make our clients and partners successful in their field of application by offering the most innovative simulation solutions. Clients use our simulation software to simulate large scale logistic systems and infrastructures such as passenger and baggage handling systems, container terminals, train stations, assembly lines and stadiums and venues. Our simulation software enables the user to manage aspects e.g. capacity, utilization, the operation, reliability, safety & sustainability.

This regarding the needed, planned and available time, the costs, available resources and risk mitigation.


Core values

The INCONTROL Pedestrian Dynamics® and Enterprise Dynamics® Software and services are fast and reliable. We contribute by: analysing and Optimizing your Business and Decision Processes, adding value at the Design, Built and Maintenance of your Projects. Also we contribute to your corporate Safety and Security policy and legal compliancy.

Customer centric.

We are focussed on improving your business by our high tech Pedestrian Dynamics® and Enterprise Dynamics® Software and our Seasoned Professionals.

We deliver as committed.

Delivering high reliable and trustful Software, Platforms, Technical & Industry Consultants and therefore high-end results. Working with INCONTROL Software and Professionals is inspiring and innovative and supports you to be efficient, predictive and compliant.