INCONTROL simulation software

INCONTROL Simulation Software is the leading manufacturer of discrete event simulation software. The Enterprise Dynamics platform allows to create simulations of critical infrastructures.

Next to the platform INCONTROL offers various tools for simulation of production, material handling, (public) transportation networks and crowd flows. The company was founded in 1989 by Louis Schijve, who brought in depth knowledge of aerospace and industry. He invested in designing a business modelling simulation platform. This became Enterprise Dynamics®, the core product of INCONTROL.

Nowadays INCONTROL has Global presence with offices in Europe, United States and Asia and serves over 300 Universities worldwide with its state of the art platform and tools. The company is recognized by various Scientific Institutes and Security Organisations.

Additional services such as; software, implementation support, consulting, product training and 24hr support can be provided by its extensive partner platform. Product Development is done in close collaboration of customers and valorised by it research partners.

Key markets include:

  • Logistics & material handling
  • Manufacturing &Construction
  • Airports & Harbours
  • Traffic, Rail & Public Transport
  • Crowd Safety & Infrastructure


Our mission is to make our clients and partners successful in their field of application by offering the most innovative simulation solutions.

Clients use our simulation software to simulate large scale logistic systems and infrastructures such as baggage handling systems, container terminals, train stations, assembly lines and football stadiums.

Our simulation software enables the user to cope with time, costs, resources, reliability, safety and sustainability. Solutions are implemented at leading companies worldwide.

Our intensive educational efforts have led to a successful use of our simulation software at universities, schools, and institutes all over the world.


We foresee that all relevant processes within organisations will become interconnected. Next to the fact that machines will communicate directly and the end customer will be end-to-end in the production loop.

This transformation of processes is becoming so complex that simulating concepts prior to build and operations, is the best way to guarantee quality, results and safety.

For all implementations during the live state of the operations, also simulations are the only method to oversee all implications and effects.

This vision is based on the Industry 4.0 philosophy

INCONTROL, Why, How and What


Delivering reliable simulation software (Enterprise Resource Simulation toolkit) to be measured:

  • Money – ROI, optimize your financial results
  • Safety & Security – secure safety for people and property
  • Continuity – control your critical infrastructure


By using validated algorithms , making the best simulation software in the following fields:

  •  Proces & Infrastructure
  • Behavior & training
  • Crowd & system


Creating insights in Business Processes using our Business Engineering tools based on our Enterprise Resource Simulation toolkit


“Shaping Questions into Answers”