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At the ASIM dedicated conference at the Fraunhofer IWU in Chemnitz (Germany) the ASIM Work Group awarded an outstanding thesis in the field of discrete event simulation in Production and Logistics.

Every two years, the ASIM Symposium, the largest European simulation conference for production and logistics, presents trends and current developments, scientific work and interesting applications in industry.

We congratulate our simulation award winner Daniel Daude for his successful bachelor thesis and wish him every success for his professional career.

INC-ASIM-Stand, Chemnitz 2019
ASIM-Symposium, INCONTROL stand, Chemnitz 2019

As a loyal ASIM member, INCONTROL was also involved this year and presented new outstanding topics:

Data driven companies need predictive analytics – Simulation platform versus Tooling Companies capture more and more data and it plays a major role in (re)design and cost reduction programs and in running daily operations. During the presentation INCONTROL presented how we made the evolution from providing simulation studies to implementing applications that use simulation as their back-bone. We also touched some of the trends we see for the near future and the impact that it has on the software we provide to our customers in Urban Development and Discrete Manufacturing & Logistics.
Practice workshop wih Fred Jansma, CTO INCONTROL Utrecht

“ISI-Plan – Integration of logistics simulation and layout planning for logistics nodes” Der Druck auf die Terminals des Kombinierten Verkehrs (KV-Terminals) in immer kürzerer Zeit mit hoher Qualität abzufertigen führt dazu, dass operative und administrative Vorgänge ständig überprüft und häufig angepasst werden müssen. Das Projekt ISI-Plan soll den Aufwand für die Planungsprozesse durch die Verknüpfung zweier Planungstools reduzieren.
Presented in German by Margit Thomsen, Team Manager INCONTROL Mainz

ISI-Plan lecture, Margit Thomsen, Team Manager INCONTROL Mainz