Public Events


Crowd Safety, capacity management and commerce are important issues in preparation for and during the execution of large-scale events. The area should be set-up in the right way in order to: cope with the maximum number of visitors, maximize sales by making Food & Beverage- and Merchandise stands easily accessible and in case of emergency the area should be evacuated safe and quick. Also, emergency services and local authorities need to be convinced of safety plans and risk scenarios.

In addition, proper planning of facilities (how many ticket booths, lockers, toilets, etc. and where should they be located?) and staff (guards, traffic controllers, stewards, etc.) are important for the logistic flow and safety of visitors. The challenges mentioned are all linked to one goal: satisfied visitors. A satisfied visitor is after all a returning visitor. The simulation software of INCONTROL helps overcome these challenges.


Analyze, optimize, and visualize pedestrian crowds in any infrastructure with Pedestrian Dynamics.

Stadium elements

  • Easily build stands and seating areas.
  • Control occupancy of section

Import of industry standards

  • (CAD, BIM, XML, CityGML and many more)
  •  Integrated 2D, 3D & VR models

Fast simulation runs

  • Fast simulation runs
  • Simulation of large realistic crowds up to 100,000

Clean tools

  • Exact Explicit Corridor Mapping (ECM)
  • Extensive set of model drawing tools

Unique agent properties

  • Easy scenario definition
  • Intelligent dynamic routing
  • Microscopic and mesoscopic

And more

  • Integrated output module with automatic report generation.
  • Easy movie playback and recording

Used by industry leaders


“A crowd safety professional should carry a variety of tools in the toolbox, Pedestrian Dynamics, however, is the powertool to use when it comes to modelling crowd dynamics in complex and build environments. Different scenarios and setups are easily simulated and results, both numerical and visual, are ready to analyse and compare.”

Bert Bruyninckx

General Manager, 360 Solutions • Risk & Safety

A closer look at public events simulation

Complex logistics issues

Simulating pedestrian flows gained ground the last few years. The most important reason is that safety and security of visitors has become one of the main issues during large scale events. In addition it provides answers to complex, logistic issues related to capacity management and commerce during events. Many different parties, such as event organizers, architects, authorities, emergency services, etc. are already using simulation software to support their mission. INCONTROL offers its own simulation platform Pedestrian Dynamics®.

Simulation Solutions

Simulation software is the solution for simulating pedestrian flows in complex infrastructures and can be used to evaluate the performance and safety of an environment. With the help of simulation software you can:

  • Save time and money by testing the performance and safety of the event site during the concept phase;
  • Determine commercial attractive locations on the event site;
  • Evaluate and compare emergency scenarios such as the in- and outflow of visitors and evacuations;
  • Develop evacuation- and contingency plans for organization and emergency services;
  • Present the event site in a 3D visualization to your stakeholders;
  • Map the complete infrastructure, pedestrian flows and bottlenecks (risks);
  • Develop the most optimal infrastructure and planning of facilities and staff;
  • Understand what impact an event (for example a marathon) has on a city.