Commercial Venues


Shopping malls, theme parks, expositions and other commercial venues are dealing with the same challenge: How do crowds use their space? Commercial attractive areas and retail locations need to be placed logically in order to serve everyone and increase sales. Passageways must provide sufficient capacity for all visitors and the venue has to be evacuated safely and effectively in case of an emergency. And in complex urban settings, the demands of other stakeholders (police, local authorities) can impose regulatory constraints.

In addition to all of these challenges, there is no such thing as an ‘ordinary day’. Sales, special events, the weather and other variables affect the number of visitors and the visitor flows.


Analyze, optimize, and visualize pedestrian crowds in any infrastructure with Pedestrian Dynamics.

Ease of Use

  • Intuitive UI
  • Rapid model building
  • Easy scenario definition
  • Video tutorials

Import of industry standards

  • CAD, BIM, XML, CityGML and many more
  •  Integrated 2D, 3D & VR models

Fast simulation runs

  • Fast simulation by multithreading
  • Simulation of large realistic crowds up to 100,000

Reliable & Robust

  • Based on research insights
  • Validated and verified
  • In compliance with various international guidelines

Unique agent properties

  • Intelligent dynamic routing
  • Microscopic and mesoscopic
  • Based on probabilities

And more

  • Integrated output module with automatic report generation.
  • Easy movie playback and recording
  • Extensive set of model drawing tools

Used by industry leaders

A closer look at commercial venue simulation

Safety, capacity and commerce at commercial venues

Crowd simulation has gained ground in the last few years. The visitors’ safety has become the primary concern for large commercial venues. Crowd simulation provides answers to complex, logistical issues related to commerce and capacity management. As a result event organizers, architects, authorities and emergency services are using simulation software to support their mission. INCONTROL offers its own crowd simulation platform Pedestrian Dynamics®.

Simulation solutions

Simulation software is the solution for simulating visitor flows in complex infrastructures and can be used to evaluate the performance and safety of the people and venue. Simulation software enables you to:

  • Determine commercial attractive areas for retailers and commercial business.
  • Determine lead an waiting times for retail facilities, restroom facilities, entrances, and so on.
  • Evaluate the capacity and safety of passages, walkways, turnstiles, etc.
  • Gain insight in the effect of special events or shows at specific locations in your venue.
  • Test and compare different scenarios, such as law enforcement and security measures, emergency evacuation and response plans, inflow and outflow of visitors, etc.
  • Gain insight into the complete infrastructure environment, visitor flows, bottlenecks and safety risks.
  • Present the infrastructural design of your commercial venue with visitor flows in a 2D and 3D visualization and report to your stakeholders.
  • Determine the evacuation times and develop evacuation scenarios and contingency plans.
  • Save time and money by testing and validating various functionalities during the design phase.